Alex/Celeste:Video Essay Planning

Computer Psychology:Game Themed

Why does Computer Science and Psychology intertwine with each other.

  • Hook, Line, and Sinker:making fire, skuuur skuuur

  • Psychology helps you understand all perspectives and how to think about world and others which contributes to improving the understanding of applying Computer Science Concepts


What is psychology

  • The scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behavior in a given context.

Computer Science

What is computer science

  • The study of the principles and use of computers.

Logic and Thinking

How is the thinking the same

  • Struggle sauce

  • Reasoning And Rationality(psych)

  • Stepping Through Code(cs)

Applicability of Both Majors

Examples of psychology concepts in computer science

  • Struggle sauce

  • Cs: games with a story

  • Psych: teachers the gamer themes of life


Our textbooks we use

  • Mit App Inventor 2


Benefits of combining cs and psych

  • Struggle sauce

  • Teach people interpersonal skills
  • Empathy


Online resources and school resources

  • Speaking To Professors



  • Citations APA formating


Alex Hanson: Sentence Combining

1.The reality show follows the lives of Bruce and Kris Jenner’s combined family; most of the episodes focus on the three oldest daughters: Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe Kardashian.

2. Bruce Jenner was famous for breaking the world record and winning a gold medal in the decathlon at the 1976 Olympics; his sons from a previous marriage- Brandon and Brody- have also appeared on their own reality shows.

3. The Kardashians’ father-the late attorney Robert Kardashian- was famous for representing O.J. Simpson, and his daughters gained recognition as American socialites.

4. Kim came into national spotlight in 2007 after a sex-tape scandal and resulting Playboy appearance, sothe Kardashian fame grew into profitable reality series.

5. The show depicts the daily routine of the Kardashians; the spin-off shows feature Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe’s attempts to build their line of fashion boutiques.


Alex Hanson: Week 10- Day 1

Going To The Grocery Store With Your Mother

     In most black communities with families with 1-4 kids or single parents: the mother usually deals with their child asking for something will in the store or misbehaving(we call them bay bay kids) in the store -which can be embarrassing for the parent. So often we will get a briefing before we get in the store about “acting a fool” in the store. The comedian Lavell Crawford depict  this joke very well and speaks a bit on the disciplining of kids in our families usually.


Week 8: In-class writing activity

From the reading Amber Floyd’s,” A ‘Dream’ Deferred:An Exploration of the Scarlet Title ‘Undocumented'” I believe that our colleges and universities should decide to make education more affordable for all students. For instance, Floyd(2015) mentions how, “if the act is passed, institutions would then be forced to adjust in a way that benefits the students and provides them with the best way to learn regardless of their socio-economic background”(p.185). This is so important because if students have easier access to higher education due to colleges changing their tuition costs to benefit the student, then there worries of how to pay for college would no longer be a problem, and students will be more focused on enjoying learning to specialize in their respective major.



Floyd, A. (2015). A “dream” deferred: An exploration of the scarlet title “undocumented”. In D. Holler (Ed.), Writing for a Real      World: A multidisciplinary anthology by USF students (pp. 180- 191).  San Francisco, CA: University of San Francisco.


October 9th, In Class Writing

  1. Solange posed for the picture, and she found the waist and collar of the dress a little confining; the feather on her antique hat framing her face.
  2. Before Benjamin applied for a job at Datacorp, he researched the company at the library; he wanted to be well prepared for the interview.
  3. The family shivered on the windy corner waiting for the tour bus; they expected warmer weather on their summer vacation.
  4. Leland’s motorcycle is his prized possession, but he had to sell it to pay his college tuition.
  5. Because Olivia had never been surfing, she took lessons, so she felt ready to tackle waves.
  6. Paolo has thinning hair, glasses, and stooped shoulders. Everyone thinks he is a librarian, but he is a meteorologist at the Antarctic research station.
  7. Toni gives her son a generous allowance and does not expect any help around from him; Toni’s brother expects his children to do chores if they want spending money.
  8. Dark clouds gather overhead while trees toss in the wind, but rain does not fall.
  9. Tai wanted to prove her trustworthiness to her parents, so she made it her responsibility to take her younger brother and sister to school.
  10. using a sharp jerk of his wrist, Simon flipped the pancake in the skillet; his uncle taught him this trick when Simon was a child.