Alex Hanson: Nov 6, 2017; Cybersecurity Discussion

Within the book “Cybersecurity : Executive Order 13636 and the Critical Infrastructure Framework” by  Anastacia D’Ambrosio they discuss the need of having a cybersecurity framework that the private sector, public, and the government can share data safely: which is why I am interested in the book. The author goes over a lot individuals on the internet that break cyber laws such as cyberterrorists, cyberthieves, and cyberhacktivists -and more of course- who break the law online and their consequences for doing so as well as the governments intervening to protect their own systems. This book also deals  with cyberthreats and the implication of U.S. policy since D’Ambrosio(2014) notes that, “…these different kinds of cyber-aggressors and the types of attacks they can pursue are not mutually exclusive. For example, a hacker targeting the intellectual property of a corporation may be categorized as both a cyberthief and a cyberspy, and possibly a cyberwarrior if the activity is conducted by a military enterprise, as has been claimed for some such attacks” (p.7). This raises concern for me as a citizen because if you have military authorize hackers gone rogue taking information from the private sector-let alone the public sector- what sense of security in technology do we truly have; I understand that encryption is used to protect our data, but even that can still be broken or can get around if you are good enough to know what you are doing.


D’Ambrosio, A. (2014). Cybersecurity : Executive Order 13636 and the Critical Infrastructure Framework. New York : Nova             Science Publishers, Inc.(1-105).


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