Alex Hanson: Nov 15, 2017

My favorite show I absolutely love to watch is called “Steven Universe” and I believe it relates to how I feel mothers and women should be portrayed within media. Within the show, the women from “homeworld” have no distinguishing factor of what a woman is supposed look like: they are all different shapes and sizes and have their own designated purpose according to what kind of gem/ crystal they are; Jaspers are military oriented while Peridots are more technologically oriented. The only difference from all the gems we see is Steven since he is a male: half human and half crystal gem. Excluding the visual gender from Steven and the rest of the gems we’ve seen, each gem has a destined role in their society that they are supposed to fill and be inherently good at according to what kind of gem they are. This is good to an extent, due to similarities in our world -the caliber of what kind of gem they are justifies the kind of treatment they will receive; Diamonds being the most highly respected-four colored diamond leaders- and fusions/corrupted gems are looked down upon. There is no sense of equality since it is a hierarchal based structure with diamonds being the highest and fusions/corrupted gems being the lowest. Since that is the case, the crystal gems and “Rose”-Steven’s mother- try to change this fact by accepting all with no bias and keeping all with upmost respect. The Crystal Gem are renegades neglecting their history and bringing about positive change. Once they show how they plan to be fix later in the show which will have Steven and Human’s being a part of that answer based on thinking and healing.


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