Alex Hanson: Nov 20, 2017; Week 14


Here is the winner’s work from Josh Haner about Jeff Bauman’s story of how he lost both of his legs at the Boston Marathon. Josh’s photos of Jeff’s story reminded me of a quote/strategy that states,” what story are you telling yourself” which I feel relates to Josh’s work because Jeff’s choices dictated where he would be in life after this event occurred. Jeff could have done nothing about losing his legs, but he did: he went out to hockey events to tell his story and still hung out with his friends. It was hard for him to get used to his new life, but he changed the way he viewed his life after this incident and embraced the changes he lives now like in this picture. He will go out to his families birthdays and go to a shooting ranges to practice despite his skills despite his “drawbacks”; he doesn’t let them stop him and continues his life as if nothing changed.


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