Nov 22

I would say it is normal considering that it is financially feasible for the kid to come back than the parent, but their child can always get a job now and help pay the bills if it’s truly a problem. Is it good to stay for a long time; I feel that it may depend on the family atmosphere, but I think if you officially leave the house by 24 or 25, then that is okay. Once you start to get into your late 30’s and 40’s, it can be kind of weird if you stay there. However, in some countries, it’s weird for people to let their kids go off so soon which is funny to me. In America, I believe we live so ‘fast paced’ from believing we have to rush so much -we end up doing things a lot early in hopes to gain things we didn’t have or simply because something of the same caliber-like pay- if you don’t have your kid start something faster.


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