Nov 27, 2017

What cultural factors familial, ethnic, religious, racial, or otherwise have influenced your perceptions of men and women, as well as male and female roles? Do your beliefs ever conflict with dominant views of gender and gender roles? Have your views changed in any way? What caused them to change?
Potter (“#YesAllWomen”) Rebecca Sugars Steven Universe
I happen to beilieve that I take influence from a lot of areas ii my life and from family there is a sense of a defiened man and woman position in thed household for oorder and also so there is no confusuion on what a man should be be doing or not doing
this doesn;t limit their ugh abiity to do other outside work whter the husband of wife is working, everyone des their part
In our household you oretty much are taught ethics or your learn them from watching or after getting in triuble and your are redirected from their
you are shown why something is bad but also why it is good
groing up our parents wants us to find a wife that matches our caliber and if they dint they dont feel they are best for us
however i do think a lot and that means that there is place for me to decide on what i  beleive is the right thing and doing my best to act on that by consiering the effect my choices have which scares but i deal with
I would say that i have grown to see woman ina better kight frim myown history and really thinking about what my choices affect
I feel their is supposed to be a defined role on what a respectful woman should be and the daughter oer say would see that and notice what is good ir bad about tu so they learn so defined roles that are humanistic are the best so they are inclusive
if you can do it then go out and do it essentially
after talking to older woman and men younger women and men, i feel a change in how i personally react with people that is more about how much of myself i tell a person and also seeing if se individual is used
  • there should be defined gender roles that are inclusive
  • what life you live is modeled by your parents and personal belief from mistakes and social norms
  • saying you can be anything can lead to confusion but saying how you can be anything can help a person decide how hey see themselves and other genders
  • there are historical mother qualities that i feel shouldn’t be taken away but expanded upon
  • such as if you are going to be a  father, you should consider getting a job and providing for your family because as a man you should be able to do that for yourself first and level up by doing the same for your family
  • also such as woman knowing how to cook not only for their kids or spouse per say but as a skill for living
  • does that mean other genders can have the same qualities, yes if they see that is the perspective


In other words, there should be defined roles in a sense as a mother and father, what are good qualities of a good mother and father or husband and wife. You can go around debating what are good qualities but there are natural inclinations for certain roles because of our nature as humans. A mother well tend to take care of her child because they are a part of them and something precious: animals do the same all the time; the lioness will take care and protect its child while the lion will go out and hunt for its family; its a natural inclination; however, when that process is over of caring for a child, both the turn to their more husband/wife roles as lioness and lion, but they both essentially do the same thing-hunting, watching their cubs, getting food, protecting themselves and their territory- though they gravitate towards their roles as a female lion and a male lion. There is a human condition we create and a animalistic condition we have inherited over the years to survive: we can try to pretend we are not animals and that we are not inclusive in this world of animals, but we are and that is the truth.


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