Nov 27, 2017

What cultural factors familial, ethnic, religious, racial, or otherwise have influenced your perceptions of men and women, as well as male and female roles? Do your beliefs ever conflict with dominant views of gender and gender roles? Have your views changed in any way? What caused them to change?
Potter (“#YesAllWomen”) Rebecca Sugars Steven Universe
I happen to beilieve that I take influence from a lot of areas ii my life and from family there is a sense of a defiened man and woman position in thed household for oorder and also so there is no confusuion on what a man should be be doing or not doing
this doesn;t limit their ugh abiity to do other outside work whter the husband of wife is working, everyone des their part
In our household you oretty much are taught ethics or your learn them from watching or after getting in triuble and your are redirected from their
you are shown why something is bad but also why it is good
groing up our parents wants us to find a wife that matches our caliber and if they dint they dont feel they are best for us
however i do think a lot and that means that there is place for me to decide on what i  beleive is the right thing and doing my best to act on that by consiering the effect my choices have which scares but i deal with
I would say that i have grown to see woman ina better kight frim myown history and really thinking about what my choices affect
I feel their is supposed to be a defined role on what a respectful woman should be and the daughter oer say would see that and notice what is good ir bad about tu so they learn so defined roles that are humanistic are the best so they are inclusive
if you can do it then go out and do it essentially
after talking to older woman and men younger women and men, i feel a change in how i personally react with people that is more about how much of myself i tell a person and also seeing if se individual is used
  • there should be defined gender roles that are inclusive
  • what life you live is modeled by your parents and personal belief from mistakes and social norms
  • saying you can be anything can lead to confusion but saying how you can be anything can help a person decide how hey see themselves and other genders
  • there are historical mother qualities that i feel shouldn’t be taken away but expanded upon
  • such as if you are going to be a  father, you should consider getting a job and providing for your family because as a man you should be able to do that for yourself first and level up by doing the same for your family
  • also such as woman knowing how to cook not only for their kids or spouse per say but as a skill for living
  • does that mean other genders can have the same qualities, yes if they see that is the perspective


In other words, there should be defined roles in a sense as a mother and father, what are good qualities of a good mother and father or husband and wife. You can go around debating what are good qualities but there are natural inclinations for certain roles because of our nature as humans. A mother well tend to take care of her child because they are a part of them and something precious: animals do the same all the time; the lioness will take care and protect its child while the lion will go out and hunt for its family; its a natural inclination; however, when that process is over of caring for a child, both the turn to their more husband/wife roles as lioness and lion, but they both essentially do the same thing-hunting, watching their cubs, getting food, protecting themselves and their territory- though they gravitate towards their roles as a female lion and a male lion. There is a human condition we create and a animalistic condition we have inherited over the years to survive: we can try to pretend we are not animals and that we are not inclusive in this world of animals, but we are and that is the truth.


Nov 22

I would say it is normal considering that it is financially feasible for the kid to come back than the parent, but their child can always get a job now and help pay the bills if it’s truly a problem. Is it good to stay for a long time; I feel that it may depend on the family atmosphere, but I think if you officially leave the house by 24 or 25, then that is okay. Once you start to get into your late 30’s and 40’s, it can be kind of weird if you stay there. However, in some countries, it’s weird for people to let their kids go off so soon which is funny to me. In America, I believe we live so ‘fast paced’ from believing we have to rush so much -we end up doing things a lot early in hopes to gain things we didn’t have or simply because something of the same caliber-like pay- if you don’t have your kid start something faster.


Alex Hanson: Nov 20, 2017; Week 14


Here is the winner’s work from Josh Haner about Jeff Bauman’s story of how he lost both of his legs at the Boston Marathon. Josh’s photos of Jeff’s story reminded me of a quote/strategy that states,” what story are you telling yourself” which I feel relates to Josh’s work because Jeff’s choices dictated where he would be in life after this event occurred. Jeff could have done nothing about losing his legs, but he did: he went out to hockey events to tell his story and still hung out with his friends. It was hard for him to get used to his new life, but he changed the way he viewed his life after this incident and embraced the changes he lives now like in this picture. He will go out to his families birthdays and go to a shooting ranges to practice despite his skills despite his “drawbacks”; he doesn’t let them stop him and continues his life as if nothing changed.


Alex and Celeste

1.Students shouldn’t have to pay for vaccinations.


2. The cost of health care for illegal immigrants is an important issue.

FXD: Illegal immigrants facing high costs for health injuries raises awareness to a matter of equality within receiving health care, so hospitals and insurance companies should help offsetting the cost of unintentional injuries immigrants encounter.

3.The spotted owls in our area need protection.

FXD: Disturbing spotted owls habitat can affect their population growth and can lead to extinction if they aren’t properly protected.

4.Cigarette taxes should be raised.


5.Standardized testing is a bad idea

FXD:Standardized testing is an ineffective way of testing students knowledge of a subject due to it focused on fact based questions rather than active exhibition of  their understanding of a subject.


Alex Hanson: Nov 15, 2017

My favorite show I absolutely love to watch is called “Steven Universe” and I believe it relates to how I feel mothers and women should be portrayed within media. Within the show, the women from “homeworld” have no distinguishing factor of what a woman is supposed look like: they are all different shapes and sizes and have their own designated purpose according to what kind of gem/ crystal they are; Jaspers are military oriented while Peridots are more technologically oriented. The only difference from all the gems we see is Steven since he is a male: half human and half crystal gem. Excluding the visual gender from Steven and the rest of the gems we’ve seen, each gem has a destined role in their society that they are supposed to fill and be inherently good at according to what kind of gem they are. This is good to an extent, due to similarities in our world -the caliber of what kind of gem they are justifies the kind of treatment they will receive; Diamonds being the most highly respected-four colored diamond leaders- and fusions/corrupted gems are looked down upon. There is no sense of equality since it is a hierarchal based structure with diamonds being the highest and fusions/corrupted gems being the lowest. Since that is the case, the crystal gems and “Rose”-Steven’s mother- try to change this fact by accepting all with no bias and keeping all with upmost respect. The Crystal Gem are renegades neglecting their history and bringing about positive change. Once they show how they plan to be fix later in the show which will have Steven and Human’s being a part of that answer based on thinking and healing.


Alex Hanson: Nov 8

Jonathan also has to want us to be friends, and I was not happy with the two of us being strangers, but I can wait for him to feel more comfortable around me.

Jonathan also has to want us to be friends, and I was not happy to be strangers, yet I wait for him to feel more comfortable around me.

Anne Marie collects antique bottles and loved to turn them into works of art.

Anne Marie collects antique bottles and loves to turn them into works of art.

She will buy bottles if she liked them, but she prefers to find them in the ground.

She bought bottles if she liked them, but she preferred to find them in the ground.

However, she has the best luck at construction sites on old farmland, where she spent most of her time.

However, she has the best luck at construction sites on old farmland, where she has spent most of her time. 

She did not want to break the bottles as she removes them from the ground.

She wants to avoid breaking bottles when she is removing them from the ground.

After finding a new bottle, Anne Marie will add it to her display case and hung in the wall as an artistic piece.

After she finds a new bottle, Anne Marie adds it to her display case and hangs it on the wall as an artistic piece.



  • Hang on
  • Knock someone sock’s off
  • out of the woods
  • spill the beans
  • Drive someone up a wall

John, hang on: I have to knock the socks of the listens in this interview, but you are not out of the woods yet; you are going to spill the beans when I come back or it will drive me up the wall. I’ll figure out whats going sooner or later. I stuck my neck out for you many of occasions so don’t forget.


Alex Hanson: Nov 6, 2017; Cybersecurity Discussion

Within the book “Cybersecurity : Executive Order 13636 and the Critical Infrastructure Framework” by  Anastacia D’Ambrosio they discuss the need of having a cybersecurity framework that the private sector, public, and the government can share data safely: which is why I am interested in the book. The author goes over a lot individuals on the internet that break cyber laws such as cyberterrorists, cyberthieves, and cyberhacktivists -and more of course- who break the law online and their consequences for doing so as well as the governments intervening to protect their own systems. This book also deals  with cyberthreats and the implication of U.S. policy since D’Ambrosio(2014) notes that, “…these different kinds of cyber-aggressors and the types of attacks they can pursue are not mutually exclusive. For example, a hacker targeting the intellectual property of a corporation may be categorized as both a cyberthief and a cyberspy, and possibly a cyberwarrior if the activity is conducted by a military enterprise, as has been claimed for some such attacks” (p.7). This raises concern for me as a citizen because if you have military authorize hackers gone rogue taking information from the private sector-let alone the public sector- what sense of security in technology do we truly have; I understand that encryption is used to protect our data, but even that can still be broken or can get around if you are good enough to know what you are doing.


D’Ambrosio, A. (2014). Cybersecurity : Executive Order 13636 and the Critical Infrastructure Framework. New York : Nova             Science Publishers, Inc.(1-105).


Alex/Celeste:Video Essay Planning

Computer Psychology:Game Themed

Why does Computer Science and Psychology intertwine with each other.

  • Hook, Line, and Sinker:making fire, skuuur skuuur

  • Psychology helps you understand all perspectives and how to think about world and others which contributes to improving the understanding of applying Computer Science Concepts


What is psychology

  • The scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behavior in a given context.

Computer Science

What is computer science

  • The study of the principles and use of computers.

Logic and Thinking

How is the thinking the same

  • Struggle sauce

  • Reasoning And Rationality(psych)

  • Stepping Through Code(cs)

Applicability of Both Majors

Examples of psychology concepts in computer science

  • Struggle sauce

  • Cs: games with a story

  • Psych: teachers the gamer themes of life


Our textbooks we use

  • Mit App Inventor 2


Benefits of combining cs and psych

  • Struggle sauce

  • Teach people interpersonal skills
  • Empathy


Online resources and school resources

  • Speaking To Professors



  • Citations APA formating


Alex Hanson: Sentence Combining

1.The reality show follows the lives of Bruce and Kris Jenner’s combined family; most of the episodes focus on the three oldest daughters: Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe Kardashian.

2. Bruce Jenner was famous for breaking the world record and winning a gold medal in the decathlon at the 1976 Olympics; his sons from a previous marriage- Brandon and Brody- have also appeared on their own reality shows.

3. The Kardashians’ father-the late attorney Robert Kardashian- was famous for representing O.J. Simpson, and his daughters gained recognition as American socialites.

4. Kim came into national spotlight in 2007 after a sex-tape scandal and resulting Playboy appearance, sothe Kardashian fame grew into profitable reality series.

5. The show depicts the daily routine of the Kardashians; the spin-off shows feature Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe’s attempts to build their line of fashion boutiques.