Call for Papers: Genealogies of Data Junior Scholars Workshop

The Genealogies of Data Research Group is calling for original works-in-progress from junior scholars (defined as pre-PhD or having received a PhD after 2017) to present and discuss at a Junior Scholar Symposium on May 24, 2021. We are looking for papers that interrogate the ethical and political modes of data construction, broadly defined, within computational sciences. We hope to bring together researchers working on data histories, data infrastructures, data (after)lives, and related narratives, as well as their implications for AI and data-driven forms of development. This workshop seeks to engage with researchers across multiple disciplines, including machine learning-oriented researchers in computer vision and natural language processing, social science-oriented researchers in the history of science, sociology of knowledge and science, anthropologists of technology, social and political theorists, law and policy scholars, and civil society actors and activists. The workshop will be structured as an all-day symposium, split into several differently themed sessions. Presenters will give a short talk on their work, and an invited senior scholar will comment on the papers in the themed session. 

The deadline for submission is April 5, at 11:59 PM PST. We will extend up to 12 invitations at this workshop and notify participants by the end of April. Please remove all identifying information from your original work-in-progress and submit it via this Google form. Manuscripts should contain (1) an abstract of no more than 400 words and (2) a text of a minimum length of approx. 4000 words and a maximum length of approx. 6000 words (the title, abstract, and bibliography are not counted). Presenters will be expected to attend the event in its entirety and will be offered a small honorarium for their time. If you have questions, please direct them to <>. Our workshop is supported by the UC San Diego Institute for Practical Ethics, the USF Center for Applied Data Ethics, and the UC San Diego International Institute.  


Razvan Amironesei (CADE, USF)

Emily Denton (Google Research)

Alex Hanna  (Google Research)

Andrew Smart (Google Research)

Hilary Nicole (Google Research)



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