Hello readers, my name is Anne Genon. I am attending USF on the intent of studying for a bachelors in Biology. I am currently on the second sememster of my first year here and am living as an off campus student. The reason why I chose to study biology is becuase I know that I want my career to land in the medical field.

When I’m not doing homework and studying, I like to watch movies; usually of the horror genre. If not movies, then I’m usually on my phone or asleep. I love traveling even though I am more of an introvert. My favorite house pet are cats and my favorite fruit are mangoes.

As for a little bit of my background, both my parents are Filipinos born in the Philippines but I was born in Sacramento, California. I decided to come to San Francisco because I always liked visiting the area and I was interested in the schools there. I live with my family of four, being my mom, dad, and older brother.

Thanks for taking the time to read this 🙂