Feb 11 In Class Writing (with Samilla and Jonalyn)

My story is about my experiences growing up, specifically about how constantly having to move schools and houses affected me. The reason why I constantly moved was because of my parent’s job to “flip” houses which is essentially buying a cheap, somewhat-broken-down house, renovating it, and them seelling it for more. For along time, I would mainly focus of the negative aspects that moving had on me. Because I moved so much, I wasn’t able to make long term friendships, I wouldn’t be comfortable going outside since I didn’t know the area, and in some cases, I had moved in the middle of a school year so I would be behind in what I was supposed to learn in a given year due to the difference in school teaching systems. I was always the “new kid” and I feel like I became more shy, quiet, and introverted. I would usually spend my time at home and studying what I missed so that I don’t fall too behind. When I was youner,  we owned a lot of pets, and sometimes the constant travelling wasn’t good for them either.

Although there were a lot negatives that I experienced because of my parent’s choice of work, but I only needed to look to the positives that came with it. At some point during middle school, I finally stayed in an area for about 6 years. This is pretty long considering that I usually stay at an area for about 2-3 years. So, because of that time, I was able to create a strong bond with a  group of friends and get to know the area and the people more. From talking to them of my experiences moving, they helped me see the brighter side of the situation by reminding me that some people would love to move a lot rather than stay in the same area for the majority of their life. I also learned that I was able to experience different “cultures” since not all people in different areas act the same. I also found that I learned more of what there was in California since I mainly moved within California. I overall learned that I should see the positive sides of occurrences that formed my life because they made me into the person I am today. Without those experiences, I wouldn’t have been opened to various situations that influence my way of thought now.

Feb 6 Freewriting

When given the chance to think of an experience that has happened in my life and be able to explain it to my class with meaning behind it, I actually found it hard to think of what to write/talk about. It was hard to think of experiences that I was comfortable sharing that had a good moral story behind it as well. So, I resulted to thinking about events that have happened to me recently and the first thing I thought of what my trip during the winter break to the Philippines.

This trip was about a month and a half long, essentially my whole winter break. We decided to go to the Philippines because that is where both of my parents are from. My whole family occasionally goes there maybe once every two to three years but we usually go there over the summer. Besides going to the Philippines for vacation purposes, my family has businesses there that they need to take care of as well. To tell the truth, I have gone to the Philippines so many times before that I didn’t want to go at that time. It is interesting to visit a country that is so different from the one I have been born and raised it, but I wanted to go to a place where I am more likely to spend true vacation time rather than following my parents around for their business work. So, going there wasn’t very exciting for me. As I predicted before heading there, my family and I spent more time going to banks or other business places rather than doing the typical vacation stuff.

I wanted to express how upset I was to my parents about the situation but they always told me that everything they were doing now would be important for me in the future. They wanted to ensure that they had business going on for me by the time they would retire. They also said how it was important that I learn what they are doing now in case I have to handle similar situations in the future. I understood that everything was in good measure for my future but, as a teenager, was still bummed that I couldn’t do much fun things since it was my vacation. As the Philippines is a third world country, it was also hard to get a good internet signal which took me away from my electronics and from doing fun things. However, I learned more about what is important to strive for in life. My problems were not merely as difficult as many others. I realized how I should be more grateful for what had been given to me and my family. All the opportunities many in a third world country wouldn’t be able to have.


First Essay Outline

  • Winter break, preparing for a trip
    • The end of my first sem in college was coming to a quick close as I had to prepare for a trip that would leave only 2 days after my last final. My fam decided to go to the Philippines for about a month and a half.
  • Why we were going
    • Business purposes with some vacation purposes.
  • My initial thoughts/expectations
    • From past experience, wasn’t so fun. Mainly business than vacation.
  • Arriving and experience
    • I was right about it being more business and rarely vacation
  • Complaints
    • Talked about it with parents
  • Parents explanations
    • Explained to me why everything they were handling would benefit me in the future as well
  • Realizations
    • I spent that winter break being bored for most of the time but as I was there, I learned to be more grateful for what I have since I could see a lot of struggling families while I was complaining about being bored
  • Tell others to be grateful for their lives
    • We may have problems of our own that others may not understand but key is to acknowledge that there is a purpose behind everything and that there are other ppl who could only wish to be in our situations.


Feb 4 In Class Writing

Main Expectations

  •  To tell one’s (non fiction) story visually and verbally
  •  Utilize diverse modes of communication
  • Create about 3 minutes or less worth of a meaningful story


  •  Being able to create an audio essay that it unique and compelling with the tools provided
  •  Making the audio essay as flow smoothly and free of distracting elements
  • Choosing a meaningful topic

Addressing the Challenges

  •  Explore the various options/tools to use and try to be creative
  •  Locate a quiet environment and choose meaningful pictures
  • Find meaning in all scenarios

My general thoughts on this assignment are that it is an interesting way to present oneself to others. Not only does it engage in the verbal aspect of presenting but also in the visual aspect. I feel like this will allow others to remember more as well as feel more comfortable with others.


Discussion on “Black and Blue”

After reading the essay “Black and Blue” by Garnette Cadogan, one of the experiences that I found intriguing were the fact that the writer, being a black man in America, always had to be self conscious of his actions or else the wrong move could result in his death. Being American-Filipino in America, I do believe that there are times when others would naturally have negative opinions towards me or simply treat me as the minority but I have never had to undergo being treated as a criminal wherever I go. I was never stopped by the police and beaten up unfairly. I can walk the streets without people glaring or avoiding me, and I can do whatever I want to do as long as I don’t disturb the public or do anything illegal. I don’t believe that anyone I know has come to face anything as harsh as what the writer went through. Of course, since racism is still very present, there will be racial slurs or stereotypes thrown here and there but none that are harsh enough to hurt to mentally or physically.

These responses tell us that there are particular social scripts that still hold white people as superior compared to other races. Since all the other races mostly migrated to America and white people have been here for a longer time, they still hold more power over the other races. I believe Cadogan is trying to rewrite these scripts by telling a story others can relate to or feel pity in an attempt to bring enough awareness that action will be promoted to address this social class issue.


Jan 30 In Class Discussion

After reading over one of the responses of my peers, it came to my attention of the various commonalities and differences of the way we responded to the text.


  •  As stated by David Brooks, people tend to gravitate towards people similar to them thus locking out diversity. My peer and I both agree that we tend to do the same as well
  •  We both noticed how there are differences in the way people carry out actions based on their class such as when shopping.
  •  I agree that diversity should not mean appropriation, it defeats the purpose of diversity


  •  My peer believes that schools advertise diversity only to lack it in actuality but I feel that there is diversity, it’s simply up to the students of whether or not they choose to delve into it
  •  My peers believe that we can be hostile to keep what we believe in important in our surroundings, I believe we should stand for what we believe but not in a hostile manner

When reading a text, one might think that the purpose of it can be quite obvious. However, we cannot assume that we will all understand it in the same way. This is because we are all uniquely different people who have undergone different experiences. Because of these experiences, we will be brought to think about certain situations based on our circumstances and how we were raised. A simple example of this would be between the rich and poor. The poor people may feel that the government unfairly chooses one side over the other and doesn’t give them enough attention or support, however, the rich could think the opposite.


Cultural Bloopers!!!

I relate a lot to what the speaker said about the way we Americans name things and how we utilize them in speech. For example, she questioned why we “park on driveways and drive on parkways”. I notice this flaw in communications many times such as through having similar sounding words that are spelt differently such as “reed” and “read”. I would understand if someone who was learning the English language would get confused with what we mean. This connects to how people refer to things such as how soda has a lot of different ways to refer to it such as “soda”, “pop”, “coke”, and “soft drinks”.

Jan 28 In Class Writing

Anne Genon

Samilla Larkin

It is common to have the sex of a baby determined at birth based on the genitalia that is present but what happens when that child grows up and determines that they no longer identify with their assigned sex? They become transgendered. Transgender, or trans as this identity is commonly known, “is an umbrella term for people whose gender identity is different from the sex assigned at birth” (Human Rights Campaign). This term is relatively new only being introduced in the 20th century but trans individuals have always existed throughout recorded history. Although there are now many public trans actresses and YouTubers there is still a larger group of Americans who do not personally know a trans person according to Human Rights Campaign. Also the term transgender could be considered a jumping off point for defining gender. Underneath this “umbrella term” are gender identities like genderqueer, nonbinary, agender and more.

As the concept of transgender people emerged, so did identity issues within society. Not everybody was willing to accept the idea of changing one’s’ born gender which inevitably led the trans people to face problematic situations that still occur today. Some of the major identity issues they face are “Transphobia” which refers to a group of people who strongly dislike trans people. Their dislike to them often leads to them belittling trans people and implying that they have some sort of mental illness. Trans people also have a lack of legal protection, they face harassment and stigma both on the internet or out in public, and they have problems with identity documents as well as poverty. In some cases, actions from people who dislike the trans community can lead to more serious cases such as killing them out of hatred and strong disagreement. The trans community is often left with pressure and fear from the negative outputs that some people display.

As community members transgender citizens face many hardships as mentioned before. To aid them and create a safe environment and allow them to thrive the Philadelphia Citizen suggests to do some simple things. Respecting how a person identifies by using their preferred pronouns, allowing youth to explore the many genders out there, providing school clubs as well as in school support and public event to celebrate this population are all things that can help trans citizens feel at ease in society. Luckily the response from the public about the trans community has been lightening up as more successful clubs and groups are being created in support of the community.


Do Something: Be a Trans Ally


Hello readers, my name is Anne Genon. I am attending USF on the intent of studying for a bachelors in Biology. I am currently on the second sememster of my first year here and am living as an off campus student. The reason why I chose to study biology is becuase I know that I want my career to land in the medical field.

When I’m not doing homework and studying, I like to watch movies; usually of the horror genre. If not movies, then I’m usually on my phone or asleep. I love traveling even though I am more of an introvert. My favorite house pet are cats and my favorite fruit are mangoes.

As for a little bit of my background, both my parents are Filipinos born in the Philippines but I was born in Sacramento, California. I decided to come to San Francisco because I always liked visiting the area and I was interested in the schools there. I live with my family of four, being my mom, dad, and older brother.

Thanks for taking the time to read this 🙂

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