Aug 26 – In Class Writing: Bolun Wu, Kristamps, Anthony

“Mr. Trump Retreats, Again, On Guns” an article by The New York Times discuss Donald Trump’s actions and responses toward the controversial gun control topic. This article makes forensic arguments about how Donald Trump isn’t taking enough action toward gun policy reform, and to call out Donald Trump’s lack of effort and action to push for gun policy reform among the law makers. This argument is directed towards the public, to inform the public with analysis on how president has responded toward recent mass shootings.

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Aug 26 – Meaning of Name

My English given name is Anthony Wang

My sister and I’s name came from my parents’ first name Tony and Katie. My name derived from my father’s name, Tony. The name Anthony is a variation of the name Tony, often used as a nickname. My parents never explained why they wanted to name my sister and I after their name, but they have hinted that they want my sister and I to become a better version of them. My last name, “Wang”, is one of the most common last names in the world. It means king or ruler in the Chinese dialect. In addition to my English name, I have a Chinese name. Wang Tze Hua.

I was never embarrassed by my name. To me, it is what it is, there is nothing to be ashamed of your name. Your name’s given by your parents and it will remain as your identity until you change it. Your family/last name carries the legacy of your family, in the distant future, most people will know you by your family name.



Hi! My name is Anthony Wang. I am a new transfer student and my major is International Business. I live in the town of Hillsborough, California. I have one sister and she also goes to USF. Some of my hobbies are to travel and listen to music. I use music to uplift my emotions. To me, listening to music is just another way to appreciate art and relax. Traveling should be every person’s number one hobby, this world has so much to offer and everyone should be out exploring it, which is why I chose to study the International aspect of Business. Another reason why I chose International Business is that I believe business is a great way to influence the world, and it has the potential to make the world a better place. I hope to meet new people in this new school, and learn new things that would help my achieve my goals.