Oct 28 – Multimodal Discussion

After reading my peers’ discussion on “After Digital Storytelling: Video Composing in the New Media Age”, many of my peers have identified the comparison between Katie and Candice. Candace transformed her script into a visual and narrative presentation with insights that otherwise would not have been able to shown through words. Katie on the other hand, transformed her alphabetical text into the video literally. She failed to utilize multimodal techniques to create a sense of layer in her story.


Video Essay Project – Interview Questions:

  • What is international business?
  • What makes international business unique and desirable to students?
  • Why is it important? How does it affect us?
  • What should students expect academically when choosing to take on the major?
  • How difficult is it to get a international business degree?
  • What are some benefits or perks that come with this career?
  • Is the career payoff worth the time?


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