Nov 6 – Plagiarism Activity and Visual Argument (Sam, Marco)

Plagiarism Activity

  1. Yes, because this sentence uses the exact same words as the original source.
  2. No, because it is paraphrasing the original text.
  3. No, because the sentence paraphrase and use quotation when using original text.
  4. Yes, because it is not properly cited.
  5. Yes, because it has made up information that wasn’t in the original text.
  6. Yes, the sentence is paraphrasing the original text, but it has no citation.
  7. Yes, because the information provided is made up.
  8. Yes, it is paraphrasing but has no proper citation.

Visual Argument

The advertisement claims that “No one grows Ketchup like Heinz”. In the advertisement, sliced tomatoes make up the structure of the ketchup bottle, showing how the ketchup is made completely with natural ingredients. The text in combination argues that no other ketchup is made the same way as Heinz. The text also claims that Heinz “grows” their ketchup, arguing that their ketchup are not made artificially.



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