Nov 20 – Argument Speech Brainstorm

Video games can enhance your learning


  • Hook
  • What are video games?
  • Research on video game benefits
  • Provide one video game example (one specific game, and its beneficial impacts)

Throughout the recent years, video games’ popularity have been increasing exponentially, concerning many parents and experts about the mental health of those who participate in the culture. Video games is a controversial topic, many believe that video games have negative effects on a person’s learning and social life; however many researches argues the opposite. Many researches argue that video games may be beneficial to a person’s learning, coordination, and focus. There are thousands and thousands of video games out there, not all video games are “bad”, or “good”, different video games offer different pros and cons that may or may not be beneficial. One of the reason why video games capture the players’ attention is its voluntary participation aspect. “Since gaming involves voluntary participation, players are intrinsically motivated to bring their contribution the the epic mission the game takes them on” (CĂLINOIU, 2019, p. 1). An example would be league of legends, an action game that involves team work and battle strategy. League of legends can be both fast and slow, depending on the scenario, encouraging the players to be adaptive and coordinative.



CĂLINOIU, N. nicoleta82_ion@yahoo. co. (2019). Learning Enhancement Through Video Games. ELearning & Software for Education, 1, 68–77. https://doi.org/10.12753/2066-026X-19-008



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