Nov 22 – Liberal Arts Education

Liberal Arts Education

Liberal Arts education includes a broad range of subjects, its main purpose is to help student develop general intellectual abilities. Some of these intellectual abilities include, problem solving, communication, and analytical skills. This type of education may help student prepare for more technical education in the future. Liberal arts education often require students to take a wide range of core subject that other wise would not be required in non liberal arts schools. This educational style may or may not be ideal to those who wants to focus on one subject in school.

The positives of going to a liberal arts school are the opportunity to learn about subjects that you might otherwise never be expose to, and that would gives you a broader range of intellect, making you a more well rounded person. The negatives are the opportunity cost of learning about liberal arts core required subjects; instead of gaining a broad range of knowledge, you could have focused on a single technical subject and master it. Liberal art school are not for everyone, but attending it would help you develop social justice, responsibility, and empathy.

Speech AnalysisLink

Leonardo DiCaprio’s speech at climate summit delivered a concern and call to action to the leaders around the world. Leonardo addressed many climate change problems that many are choosing to ignore, calling out the government, the public, and the industries. Leonardo presented a appropriate volume when he was giving the speech, not too quite nor loud. Leonardo kept a consistent confident tone that kept his audiences engaged as he asked the leaders to make large scale changes to make a difference in the climate change crisis. Leonardo kept his eye contact with his audiences; despite having notes on the podium , he used them minimally. Leonardo did not have any gestures, I am assuming he avoided gestures to emphasize the significance of the matter. However, Leonardo would often turn his head from left to right to make sure he establishes eye contact with all the audiences in the room.


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