Nov 25 – Speech Analysis

Ronald Reagan’s Speech on the Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster – Link

Ronald Reagan started by addressing his original intention to report on the state of the union, but the Challenger space shuttle disaster has changed his plans. By saying this, Ronald Reagan is capturing the attention of those who were watching the presentation. He started off by giving an introduction on how he and other Americans feel about the tragedy, saying that “Today is a day for mourning”. He then went into details about those who perished from the tragedy, comparing the disaster with a similar event from 19 years ago. It clear that a lot of emotions are present in the speech; Ronald Reagan’s claim address that we should not give up on space exploration, and that this is all part of the process of expanding the horizon.


Nov 22 – Liberal Arts Education

Liberal Arts Education

Liberal Arts education includes a broad range of subjects, its main purpose is to help student develop general intellectual abilities. Some of these intellectual abilities include, problem solving, communication, and analytical skills. This type of education may help student prepare for more technical education in the future. Liberal arts education often require students to take a wide range of core subject that other wise would not be required in non liberal arts schools. This educational style may or may not be ideal to those who wants to focus on one subject in school.

The positives of going to a liberal arts school are the opportunity to learn about subjects that you might otherwise never be expose to, and that would gives you a broader range of intellect, making you a more well rounded person. The negatives are the opportunity cost of learning about liberal arts core required subjects; instead of gaining a broad range of knowledge, you could have focused on a single technical subject and master it. Liberal art school are not for everyone, but attending it would help you develop social justice, responsibility, and empathy.

Speech AnalysisLink

Leonardo DiCaprio’s speech at climate summit delivered a concern and call to action to the leaders around the world. Leonardo addressed many climate change problems that many are choosing to ignore, calling out the government, the public, and the industries. Leonardo presented a appropriate volume when he was giving the speech, not too quite nor loud. Leonardo kept a consistent confident tone that kept his audiences engaged as he asked the leaders to make large scale changes to make a difference in the climate change crisis. Leonardo kept his eye contact with his audiences; despite having notes on the podium , he used them minimally. Leonardo did not have any gestures, I am assuming he avoided gestures to emphasize the significance of the matter. However, Leonardo would often turn his head from left to right to make sure he establishes eye contact with all the audiences in the room.


Nov 20 – Argument Speech Brainstorm

Video games can enhance your learning


  • Hook
  • What are video games?
  • Research on video game benefits
  • Provide one video game example (one specific game, and its beneficial impacts)

Throughout the recent years, video games’ popularity have been increasing exponentially, concerning many parents and experts about the mental health of those who participate in the culture. Video games is a controversial topic, many believe that video games have negative effects on a person’s learning and social life; however many researches argues the opposite. Many researches argue that video games may be beneficial to a person’s learning, coordination, and focus. There are thousands and thousands of video games out there, not all video games are “bad”, or “good”, different video games offer different pros and cons that may or may not be beneficial. One of the reason why video games capture the players’ attention is its voluntary participation aspect. “Since gaming involves voluntary participation, players are intrinsically motivated to bring their contribution the the epic mission the game takes them on” (CĂLINOIU, 2019, p. 1). An example would be league of legends, an action game that involves team work and battle strategy. League of legends can be both fast and slow, depending on the scenario, encouraging the players to be adaptive and coordinative.



CĂLINOIU, N. nicoleta82_ion@yahoo. co. (2019). Learning Enhancement Through Video Games. ELearning & Software for Education, 1, 68–77. https://doi.org/10.12753/2066-026X-19-008



Nov 18 – Sub Verb Agreement Activity & Discussion Response

Sub Verb Agreement Activity

It was January 17, 2005 and three cadets were training to become police detectives. The sergeant decided to test if they were skilled at recognizing a suspect. He showed the first cadet a picture for five seconds and then hid it. Then he said, “That was your suspect, how would you recognize him?”
“That’s easy, answered the cadet. “We would find him fast because he only has one eye. The sergeant thinks for a minute and then answered, “Well that’s because the picture I showed you is a profile. It shows only a side view.” He can’t believe the cadet had given him such a ridiculous answer, but he goes on to the second cadet. Flashing the picture for five seconds to him. Again, he asks, “That was your suspect, how would you recognize him?” The second cadet smiled and said, “It would be easy to catch, because he has only one ear!” The police sergeant shook his head in disbelief. Then angrily responded, “What’s the matter with you two? Of course, only one eye and one ear are showing, it’s a picture of his profile! Was that the best answer you can come up with?!” Extremely frustrated at this point, he shows the picture to the 3rd cadet and in a very testy voice asked, “This is your suspect. How would you recognize him?” He quickly adds, “Think hard before giving me a stupid answer.” The cadet looks at the picture intently for a moment. Then she said, “The suspect wears contact lenses.”
The sergeant was speechless. He goes to his office and checked the suspects file in his computer and comes back. He is beaming. “Its true! The suspect did indeed wore contact lenses. Tell us how you were able to made such an astute observation! “It was easy,” said the cadet. “He can’t wear glasses because he only has one eye and one ear.”

Discussion Response

Christopher Grant’s response to Paula Mirando’s diversity issues includes the significance of loneliness and isolation from the inability to adapt to multiple cultures.  We both agree that choosing one culture over another as a multiethnic person can lead to a lost of self-identity. In Christopher’s response, he mentioned his struggle comforting with Italian culture despite he being Italian himself. Being a multiethnic person, he has chosen the “cozy American culture” over his racial ethnic culture.


Nov 15 – Historical Event

Historical Event that has negatively/positively shaped the future of your country and people?

A small island located in east asian called Taiwan came to be when the Chinese nationalist party withdrew from mainland china to Taiwan during the Chinese civil war in 1949. The party ruled Taiwan for 40 years until the democratic reform in 1980s. Ever since, Mainland China and Taiwan has been operating completely different economically. Mainland China adapted the idea of communist economy, while Taiwan leans towards free market and democracy. This separation wasn’t necessarily positive or negative, and it remains a controversial topic today.

The positive of this separation was that both Chinese political party was able to expand and grow to their standard and beliefs. Both parties expanded upon their beliefs and effectively grew economically. Both parties enjoyed political freedom with having to worry about competing against each other.

The negative of this separation would be the opportunity cost of both parties working together and the utilization of both geographical advantage. If Chinese Communist Party and Nationalist Party combined after the civil war, they might have been able to utilized the resources on both the island and the mainland to expand their economy.


Nov 8 – Essay 2 Feedback and Facebook Post Analysis

Essay 2 Feedbacks

  • In-Text Citation Paragraph Number
  • How does outside research help support main points?
  • How would the author be able to deal with counterarguments?

I need to pay attention to in-text citation format, especially when citing the page or paragraph number. Citing correctly can help avoid plagiarism. Further explain how research help strength and correlates with the main thesis. Analyze how the author could deal with counter argument.


Donald J. Trump FacebookLink

Donald J. Trump is the current president of the United States, and that explains why the majority of the posts on facebook focuses on his political campaign and accomplishments. One of his posts says “Stock Market up big today. A New Record. Enjoy!”; first Trump address the condition of the stock market and how its a record high, then in a way takes credit for it by saying “Enjoy!”. In another post, Trump list out all the accomplishments that helped the African American community, saying that “Black Americans have never had a better champion in the White House and the facts prove it!” This post shows Trump’s intention to fight racial segregation among the African American community.


Nov 6 – Plagiarism Activity and Visual Argument (Sam, Marco)

Plagiarism Activity

  1. Yes, because this sentence uses the exact same words as the original source.
  2. No, because it is paraphrasing the original text.
  3. No, because the sentence paraphrase and use quotation when using original text.
  4. Yes, because it is not properly cited.
  5. Yes, because it has made up information that wasn’t in the original text.
  6. Yes, the sentence is paraphrasing the original text, but it has no citation.
  7. Yes, because the information provided is made up.
  8. Yes, it is paraphrasing but has no proper citation.

Visual Argument

The advertisement claims that “No one grows Ketchup like Heinz”. In the advertisement, sliced tomatoes make up the structure of the ketchup bottle, showing how the ketchup is made completely with natural ingredients. The text in combination argues that no other ketchup is made the same way as Heinz. The text also claims that Heinz “grows” their ketchup, arguing that their ketchup are not made artificially.



Oct 30 – Effect Presentation (Bolun, Anthony, Sam)

“Your body language may shape who you are” is a TedTalk by Amy Cuddy. In the video Amy used expressive body language to make her speech appear more coherent to her audiences. She used hand gestures to emphasize her claims, and use movements to help with transitions. Although she had a microphone attached, her voice was loud, clear, and easy to understand. In the TedTalk, she makes sure that all the audiences are receiving some sort of eye contact by turning her head left and right. Behind her is a projector, she showed photos and texts to help strengthen her arguments by providing visual aid in addition to her speech. Her posture appeared confident throughout the presentation, and this confidence helps her build credibility among the audiences.

Link to Video


Oct 28 – Multimodal Discussion

After reading my peers’ discussion on “After Digital Storytelling: Video Composing in the New Media Age”, many of my peers have identified the comparison between Katie and Candice. Candace transformed her script into a visual and narrative presentation with insights that otherwise would not have been able to shown through words. Katie on the other hand, transformed her alphabetical text into the video literally. She failed to utilize multimodal techniques to create a sense of layer in her story.


Video Essay Project – Interview Questions:

  • What is international business?
  • What makes international business unique and desirable to students?
  • Why is it important? How does it affect us?
  • What should students expect academically when choosing to take on the major?
  • How difficult is it to get a international business degree?
  • What are some benefits or perks that come with this career?
  • Is the career payoff worth the time?