February 11 interview

Deema( interviewee ) and Buke (interviewer)

Artifact: bracelets

1- I think my interviewee likes meaningful pieces of jewelry. Especially she believes in stones from nature. I saw two bracelets. one is green and the other one pink. I don’t know what they mean and what they called. However, I saw these types of bracelets a lot. Most of them give you good energy. Also, it has a relation with chakras.

2- It reminds me of my old friend Ada. She is a very spiritual woman. She mediates every day and believes in good and bad energy. She has bracelets and necklaces from India.

I think Deema bought it from Singapore. I also believe that she needed to have them. They make her feel better.

3-  Deema has two bracelets. She has started believing them when she was a kid because her mom tells her. However, her sister is not using stone bracelets. That means Deema affected and believed stones energy a long time ago.

Her stones, the green one named Jade. She bought that from New York, Chinatown.  it protects you from evil eye or any other bad things. The other one is a light pink named Sunstone. She bought that one from again Chinatown but this time in San Francisco where she lives. Sunstone gives positive energy and makes you optimistic. she likes to be energetic always. Therefore her stone helps her to keep her up all the time.

I learned that she has big stones in her apartment. She invites people over and makes them feel good. I liked that she has that type of healing space.

Also I thought that these bracelets were about chakras and meditation. However, I learned that it is a different cultural ritual. It differs from one country to another.

So  I learned that stone bracelets can have different meanings in different countries but in the end, they all protect you from outside.