Freewrtting 9/4

There are a few ideas I have for my audio essay. I wanted to talk about my high school experience in the US and how it made me grow both physically and mentally. And my other idea would be how coming to the US for college changed my view on college education and its value. I would also like to talk about the challenges I had overcome when I tried to adopt the US culture. I would also like to mention my best friends during high school, they helped me a lot when I tried to learn more about their culture.

I came to the US when I was 15 and starting as a 10th grade, the reason why I wanted to leave HK and come to the US is very simple, this would be my own will and curiosity. What’s like to be living in the US like comparing to my own country. Is safe to say, it was a scary but fun experience I had. At first, it was really hard for me to learn a new language and catch up with other local students. I make some new friends with the local student and they were very helpful. I spent 3 years in the US for my high school degree, during that time I lived with my sister for one and a half years and the other half with a host family.