9/30 Arguments Bolun, Ben

1.  hard evidence

2. hard evidence

3.  hard evidence

4. YES https://www.factcheck.org/2017/01/the-facts-on-crowd-size/ constructed

5.  N/A http://sfhelp.org/gwc/pop/fearbased.htm


  1.  Yes, she found the information, but she didn’t mention where she got the information from.
  2.  Yes, even the whole class is using the same book, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to cite it.
  3.  Yes, he needs to talk to both professors in order to reuse the paper from a different class.
  4.  Yes, they should have double-checked the material before submitting the project to avoid plagiarism.
  5.  Yes, even with paraphrasing you still have to cite the original source.


  1.  Yes, assuming that doesn’t mean you don’t have to cite all sources.
  2.  Yes, you need to cite it even the information is about dates.
  3.  Yes,  if you copy the source, you will need to use an in-text citation.
  4.  No, because is from your mom.
  5.  No, is common knowledge.
  6.  Yes, even tho you share the same idea as the author do, you are still required to cite it.