9/23 slang/idioms.php

Call it a day: it means done for the day.

out of the woods: out of danger or trouble

cutting corners: being cheap or taking short cuts

long story short: summarize a long story in order to save time

Don’t Judge a book by its cover: don’t make your decision just by its appearance

9/9 DALN

I found a narrative about a guy named Ryan and he wanted to get more education on history. This is a 90-second audio narrative. Ryan is 13 years old and he is currently in middle school. He felt in love with history because he thinks history made him understand complex ideas and mistakes were made in the past. He wanted to get good grades and proceed to college and to be a history major.


I read a few of my peer’s response to today’s’ discussions regarding today’s topic ethos arguments. We understand that ethos is based on the character and credibility to construct an effective argument. We all talked about how to get reliable sources and don’t forget to site them accordingly.

Freewrtting 9/4

There are a few ideas I have for my audio essay. I wanted to talk about my high school experience in the US and how it made me grow both physically and mentally. And my other idea would be how coming to the US for college changed my view on college education and its value. I would also like to talk about the challenges I had overcome when I tried to adopt the US culture. I would also like to mention my best friends during high school, they helped me a lot when I tried to learn more about their culture.

I came to the US when I was 15 and starting as a 10th grade, the reason why I wanted to leave HK and come to the US is very simple, this would be my own will and curiosity. What’s like to be living in the US like comparing to my own country. Is safe to say, it was a scary but fun experience I had. At first, it was really hard for me to learn a new language and catch up with other local students. I make some new friends with the local student and they were very helpful. I spent 3 years in the US for my high school degree, during that time I lived with my sister for one and a half years and the other half with a host family.

In class writing acitvity: Aboye Efebo, Ben Wong and Yuhao Dai


In the article “Why “Seinfield is Superior to “Friends””, Melissa Blake uses a Rogerian argument to prove that Seinfield is better than Friends. Blake does acknowledge that Friends does have a greater amount of appeal to the show due to the pseudo-reality of the characters and their lives. She makes the argument that Seinfield was significantly more realistic and had a more complex storyline, whereas Friends gave an unrealistic view of what it’s like being in your twenties. She directs the argument towards the reader, even giving anecdotes of the impact both shows have had on her. Blake’s argument about Seinfield being the better show was successful due to her use of ethos, logos, and pathos in her argument. Even though I like Friends significantly better, I can’t help but agree Seinfield is the better show because of its relatability to the normal everyday people you come across.

Meaning of my name RE

My full name is Ming Fai Benjamin Wong and my name is given by my parents. One thing special about my name would be “Benjamin”. In Hong Kong, most of the names were made out of Cantonese(it’s our language). But my name is mixed in with an English word. There is a little bit of history behind it. Back it the ’90s, Hong Kong were run by the British. I was born in 1998. At that time, my father knows someone who can get me British citizenship. However, my mom made the final decision and kept me as a Hong Kong citizen. My last name is Wong and is followed by my Dad’s last name. I have never changed my name since then. At times, there were some embarrassing moments during college. A great example would be some professors miss-recognized, they thought I was from the UK. There were also occasions I share the same nickname with other people or classmates.

Intro myself

     I am from Hong Kong. I came to the US when I was 15 to finish my high school degree. I spent 3 years at Indiana for my high school. My current major is computer science. I am a big fan of technology like computers, smartphone, camera. etc When I was in high school, I worked in a Tech repair store for two years. I can fix most computers and phones by myself. My other side hobbies would be pc video games, anime, music and working out at the Gym.

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