“Student of Life” posts

Sometimes, a student writes an essay, assembles a presentation, or otherwise accomplishes a feat that is just too good for not sharing it with the world.

Introducing the “Student of Life” Posts.

Selected works by real-life students of BIOL100, curated and presented to a wider audience on these pages. Publication is not only a reward for exemplary accomplishment but a trigger for discussion and dissemination of ideas.

Stay tuned for exceptional work forthcoming!


Is BIOL100 the right science core course for you?

Students at the University of San Francisco are challenged to think outside the box. Case in point: the core curriculum. No matter what your unique passion and burning interest are, if you are an undergraduate student pursuing a bachelor’s degree, you are required to step outside your comfort zone and explore areas of knowledge where you would not venture alone at night – or with friends during the day, either.

One of these areas is Applied or Laboratory Science, worth 4 credits. This post is an introduction to BIOL100, or “The Science of Life“, a biology course offered to non-majors. Or rather, it’s a 5-question quiz to check whether you would enjoy this course or hate it. Contine reading