Field Journal #3 – Mt. Burdell

Location: 315 ft above sea level | 38.129, -122.604 | Mt. Burdell Hike/Trail, Novato, CA

The location was north of the suburban/urban city Novato and found in the hills in the area. The day was cold for nothern California weather and clouds threatened to rain. Eventually it did lightly rain for 10 minutes, but we trekked on. Area was mainly open fields with major hills and many oak trees dotted throughout. Area was on the edge of the elevated area and the view of the nearby city was ever-present. A lot of wind gets carried throughout the hiking area. Other than grasses, spp of interest were sparse and far between for the most part.

Toxicoscordion fremontii | Mountain Deathcamus

Habit: Herbaceous, one straight growth from basal structures
Leaf: Monocot typical shoot-like structure, parallel venation, linear lanceolate, entire, simple
Repro: Inflorescence of more than 5 flowers, parts of 5, dioecious, perfect flowers, raceme, head-like, capitula
Location: In the middle of a field, away from path, sparse distribution even amongst the clusters, no shade

Taraxia ovata | Sun Cup

Habit: Herbaceous, very low to the ground
Leaf: Elliptic, wavy, partially lobed, pinnate venation, simple
Repro: 4 petals, 8 stamen, brassicaceae mimic, cup-like structure,
Location: Immediately off the path, no shade, heavy sunlight and  traffic

Sanicula bipinnatifida | Purple Sanicle

Habit: Herbaceous, small, low to the ground
Leaf: Simple, lobed to dissected, pinnate venation, broadly acute,
Repro: Fused bracts, capitula, head-like, many flowers in one inflorescence, umbel panicle, many observable stamen,
Location: Partly inward towards the field, amongst other herbs, strong sunlight, competition for light

The hike began at the entrance of the trail off a residential street and looped around the edge of the reserve and back through the same path. Arrived around 1:30 pm and we left around 4:15. As mentioned previously, the weather was colder with winds and clouds around before a light rain. Chaparral-like biome with very sparse spp that were not poecieae.

Continue onto Veterans Blvd
Keep left at the fork and merge onto US-101 N
Follow US-101 N to Atherton Ave in Novato. Take exit 463 from US-101 N
Merge onto US-101 N
Take exit 463 for Atherton Ave toward San Marin Dr
Take San Marin Dr to San Andreas Dr
Use the right lane to turn left onto Atherton Ave
Continue onto San Marin Dr
Turn right onto San Andreas Dr
Continue straight to stay on San Andreas Dr

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