Field Journal #4 – San Pedro Valley, Pacifica

Location: 194 ft above sea level | 37.578, -122.476 | San Pedro Valley Park

South of Pacifica, the hike began in a riperian biome and moved gradually up the mountainous terrain which seem to harbor plenty of water as it was on the ocean facing side. As such the area was covered in extensive green flora with sparse plant areas dotted every now and then. Save for the one areas of monospecies dominated areas (pompous poeiceae and the manzanita forest), the species were pretty well dispersed and found throughout. Non natives seemed to have a strong foothold the whole way up the mountain. The hike was not too taxing and looped back around at the peak with a lot of shade from silver tassels and manzanitas among other common trees. The hike was struck heavily by rain and we sought shelter under trees as best we could. The rest of the hike was mainly cloudy and then cleared up as we left. We arrived around 1:20 PM and left around 4 PM.

Trillium albidum | Giant white wakerobin

Habit: Herbaceous, small, low to the ground
Leaf: Simple, lobed to dissected, palmate venation, broadly acute, chordate
Repro: Bracts, petals part of 3, white
Location: Off the trail, in the clear open air, strong sunlight

Oemleria cerasiformis | Oso berry

Habit: Shrub, slim, few leaves
Leaf: Simple, lobed, palmate venation, broad ovate and short, obtuse
Repro: Funnel shaped, pendant, clustered flowers, unisexual, bract
Location: Off the trail, clear area and open air, strong sunlight


Garrya elliptica | Coast silk tassel

Habit: Tree
Leaf: Simple, elliptic, pinnate venation, broadly acute, opposite
Repro: Pendant, unisexual, pistillate and staminate inflorescences,
Location: Off the trail, strong sunlight, competition for light

Maianthemum racemosum | Soloman’s plume

Habit: Herbaceous, small, low to the ground
Leaf: Simple, lobed to dissected, pinnate venation, broadly acute,
Repro: Fused bracts, capitula, head-like, many flowers in one inflorescence, umbel panicle, many observable stamen,
Location: Partly inward towards the field, amongst other herbs, strong sunlight, competition for light


Take Great Hwy to Skyline Blvd
Head south on 29th Ave toward Balboa St
Turn right onto Fulton St
Use any lane to turn left onto Great Hwy
Parts of this road may be closed at certain times or days
Follow Skyline Blvd and CA-1 S to Fassler Ave in Pacifica
Turn right onto Skyline Blvd
Use the right lane to merge onto CA-1 S via the ramp to Pacifica/Santa Cruz
Continue on Fassler Ave. Take Terra Nova Blvd to Trout Farm Rd
Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto Fassler Ave
Turn right onto Terra Nova Blvd
Turn right onto Oddstad Blvd
Turn left onto Trout Farm Rd

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