Field Journal #9 – Ring Mountain

Location: 486 ft above sea level | 37.913, -122.488

The hike began up on a residential hillside zone and as we walked past the mansions we were all tempted to find a high reward job which may or not be high risk. In reality we just walked up to the entrance of the trail which opened up from a street to a large rolling hills plain with a view to Mt. Tamalpais. The general feel for the area was like this and was not a very intense hike from our starting point. Lots of disturbed and serpentine rich areas were found on our hike and we were able to find many previously observed species and a few new species.

Silene gallica | Common catchfly

Habit: Herbaceous, proximal to ground, small
Leaf: Long elliptical or lanceolate simple leaves, acute, entire margins, small, parallel venation
Repro: Petals relaxed, petals parts of 5, hairy funnel,
Location: Near path, distrubed or open area, good sunlight exposure

Achillea millefolium | Yarrow

Habit: Herbaceous, erect, somewhat proximal to ground
Leaf: Long elliptical compound leaves, acute, highly dissected, feather-like, mainly basal
Repro: Petals white, petals parts of 5, large inflorescence, inner revolute, head-like inflorescences
Location: WAys away from path, disturbed or open area, strong sunlight

Platystemon californicus | Cream cups

Habit: Herbaceous, proximal to ground
Leaf: Lanceolate simple leaves, acute, entire margins, caudal,
Repro: Petals white and yellow, strong many anthers, bulb like anther structure, partly reflex petals, petals parts of 6
Location: Near path, open area, good sunlight exposure


Get on US-101 N from Balboa St, Park Presidio Blvd and Veterans Blvd
Head west on Turk St toward Beaumont Ave
Continue onto Balboa St
Turn right onto Park Presidio Blvd
Continue onto Veterans Blvd
Keep left at the fork and merge onto US-101 N
Follow US-101 N to Tamalpais Dr in Corte Madera. Take exit 449 from US-101 N
Merge onto US-101 N
Take exit 449 for Tamalpais Drive toward Paradise Drive
Take Paradise Dr and Taylor Rd to Fire Rd in Tiburon
Use the right lane to turn right onto Tamalpais Dr
Keep right to stay on Tamalpais Dr
Turn right onto San Clemente Dr
Continue onto Paradise Dr
Slight right to stay on Paradise Dr
Turn right onto Taylor Rd
Continue onto Fire Rd

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