Field journal #10 — Upper Mount Tam

Location: 784 ft above sea level | 37.924, -122.596

This is the first half of a carefully calculated hike which was so graciously planned to take place along the vector of gravity. This has benefited those less inclined to physical activity. The hike began from a parking lot where the side trail lead us off downward along the side of the mountain. The real genius of the hike was in the fact that other drivers were brought to pick us up at the end so that we did not have to work our way back up. We arrive around 1:25 pm and left around 4:25 pm. The weather was sunny with strong breeze and overall pleasant.

Dendromecon rigida | Bush Poppy

Habit: Herbaceous, proximal to ground, small bush
Leaf: Small and obovate, pinnate venation, opposite
Repro: Petals open, four petals, many stamen, slightly curved to flat top
Location: Near path, exxtremely disturbed sites, good sunlight exposure

Castilleja foliosa | Wooly paintbrush

Habit: Herbaceous
Leaf: Hairy, bracts, pinnate venation
Repro: Raceme, parts of 4, brush-like inflorescence, dissected bracts
Location: Near path, disturbed or open area


Ceanothus foliosus | Wavy-leaf Ceanothus

Habit: Subshrub, proximal to ground, small
Leaf: Obovate, parallel venation, serrated margin, glabrous,
Repro: Small head inflorescences
Location: A bit off the path, disturbed areas


Take Balboa St to Park Presidio Blvd
Head west on Turk St toward Beaumont Ave
Continue onto Balboa St
Take US-101 N and CA-1 N to Panoramic Hwy in Tamalpais-Homestead Valley
Turn right onto Park Presidio Blvd
Continue onto Veterans Blvd
Keep left at the fork and merge onto US-101 N
Take exit 445B for CA-1 toward Mill Valley/Stinson Beach
Continue onto CA-1 N
Turn left to stay on CA-1 N
Continue on Panoramic Hwy. Drive to E Ridgecrest Blvd
Turn right onto Panoramic Hwy
Slight left to stay on Panoramic Hwy
Turn right onto Pan Toll Rd
Turn right onto E Ridgecrest Blvd

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