Class Discussion 3/24 – Rachel, Ashley, Briana

Rachel, Ashley, Briana

How would you characterize Minga Peru’s use of a radio program (Bienvenida Salud) to help the indigenous people in Peruvian Amazon? 

  • The media form of radio and the public access (free) nature of the show is beneficial to the indigenous people because it gives most community members the ability to tune in and hear about vital topics that they may not have available to them otherwise.
  • It’s progressive … moves away from traditional health communication/PSAs 
      • Talks about taboo/controversial topics

Would that be considered a cultural rhetorics approach to effective communication? 

  • Yes, because it is a form of media that most Peruvians have access to. Additionally, the rhetoric is so specifically relevant to Peruvian culture based on the vernacular and social relevance, it feels nearly impossible to separate it from a cultural perspective.

Discuss the ways such community-oriented programs could enhance communication for human rights and social justice.

  • Radio/entertainment format makes more relatable
  • More presentable
  • Information is presented in a way that makes it palatable to listeners
  • Cultural rhetoric allows an issue to be presented in the listening audiences’ perspective
  • The more the topic is discussed, the more the issues are brought to light for people to feel comfortable participating and become activists for change.