October 19

During this breakout room I worked with ailin and Amani. We all included the importance of visual rhetorics and how to best use them. We all started off with what visual rhetorics is and how to use them. We stated that visual images often catch the audiences eye and colors are really important when using pathos because we biologically have a reaction to them. Amani used more real life example while me and alin used examples from the textbook. Alin talked about how she would interpret an image and me and Amani talked about interpreting an image from the audiences persecutive.

oct 14


When viewing Kendall Jenners Instagram I think her character isn’t fully true and shown through her instagram. Kendall Jenner mainly posts modeling/ swimsuits pictures of herself either on vacation or always in full glam. When I watch the shows and hear interviews about her she says she doesn’t enjoy getting all dressed up and in full glam like her instagram portrays. Using the information based off of my readings in chapter 3 of “Everything’s An Argument” ethos is credibility to your argument and when I see Kendall Jenners instagram I don’t think Its a credible source of portraying who she rly is. When Kendall portrays herself on instagram but talks about a different side that contradicts herself on social media I think it doesn’t create a trustworthiness relationship with the audience.

Freewriting essay 2

When writing a rhetorical analysis I think that rather than writing about “hard facts” and statistics it is more important to use logic or reasoning and to gain credibility with the audience. I believe when the writer has some personal experience on their topic it gives them more credibility and connects with the audience more rather than someone who has little to no knowledge on the topic. For example if I were to do an argument on why online school is bad for your mental health I think I would be able to connect with the audience. Second I think that using logos and pathos is very important when arguing your topic. If you are able to start out with a strong emotional appeal that really connects to the audience it is able to grab their attention making them more interested in what you have to say. The jeep super bowl commercial demonstrated this very well it became the most  viewed super bowl commercial in a matter of minutes because of their strong emotional appeal. They were able to connect to the audience by putting pictures and a narrator talking in the background.


Essay 2 outline

In the beginning of my essay I plan to introduce my prompt one something that I have personal experience in not sure what it is yet but for an example I will put mental health

I will start off with an intro of my experience on how I have witnessed peoples mental health decrease especially when it came to the switch of online school, I will then use different writing styles such as ethos pathos or logos to further argue my topic. Then I will use facts and evidence to support my argument


After reading one of my peers response to the discussion I saw that their were a lot of similarities and differences in our ideas. Some of the similar ideas we have both came up with was the steps we need to take to create an authoritative ethos. We both believe that in order to create a strong authoritative argument you have to have credibility, authority and have clear/Unselfish motives. Some other similarities I noticed was the connection we have to have with the audience, we both believed that the speaker had to have created a trustworthiness and character with the audience.

Similarities                                                                                     Differences

  • Have Clear unselfish motives                        Used real life examples instead of from the textbook
  • have credibility
  • build a character
  • Have trust worthiness with the audience


Meaning of name

My full name is Bryanna Christine Cortes, the meaning of my name Bryanna means “hill” “High” and “noble”. It comes from the Celtic name Brian which is my dads name, my mom also wanted to spelt it different with a Y rather than the typical e and I. My mom also wanted the names in our family to rhyme for some reason so she chose Bryanna because her name was jana and my brothers was Ryan to go with my dads name Brian. My middle name Christine is named after my moms childhood best friend and neighbor who she grew up with. Lastly I don’t know much about my last name but my last name is cortes and it is from Spain and Portugal and it is a nick name for someone who is a refined, courteous and polite.


Bryanna Cortes

Located in Rancho Palos Verdes California, interest and hobbies include going to the beach,hanging out with friends and traveling. IN RPV there’s is always people riding their horses and walking their farm animals on the side of the rode, there is really bad service on the hill and peacocks are always running around screaming really early in the morning. The peacocks also cause alot of damages to peoples houses and they have to be relocated when there’s too many.

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