Hi! I’m Caitlin Tan. I am a freshmen nursing major.  Although I was born in San Francisco I lived a pretty good portion of my life in Daily City.  I lived there until I was 11.  Then I moved to San Francisco where I attended Lowell High School.

I’m interested in many things.  I like video games, politics, anime, playing the piano, reading and many more.  I’m really into Fire Emblem Three Houses right now.  It kinda took over my life during winter break.  I’m almost done with the church route. Only a few more chapters to go!  Right now I’m trying to dial back the video games since I’m at school now.  I’ve tried to get back into politics a bit more.  Try to see what happens in the world by going on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.  As for anime, I watched quite a bit over the winter break.  I watched a lot of One Piece.  I’m up to the part where the crew sets sail to the new world after defeating the New Fishmen Pirates.

I am also working a part-time job now.  I’m working at the front desk along with my other two co-workers in an optometry office.  It’s been really interesting.  I’ve never worked an actual job before.  I feel that this experience will help me with time management and talking to people in general, which I will need if I would want to become a nurse.