Course Semester Checklist


Before the Semester.

Here is a quick way to ensure you have your Canvas courses ready for the beginning of the semester.


Verify  and Organize your Courses   Go to Guide

checlVerify that all your courses for the semester are listed in your Canvas account. You can login to your Canvas Courses through myUSF Portal page or through If you do not see your courses listed, click the View All or Customize link  or the All Courses Link

Combine Course Sections Go to Combine Course Guide

checlDo you teach multiple sections? If you teach multiple sections of your Course and you want all students to access the same content, you can combine or cross-list sections before the semester begins.

 Import Content from another Course  Go to Course Import Guide

checlIf you need to reuse content from a previous semester or from another Canvas instructor you can import that content into your course. If it is a course taught by someone else, you may need that instructor to give you access to that course. If it is a course that concluded, (when the + People Link button is grey) that instructor can temporarily make the course active again, then add you.  To see how to temporary un-conclude a course check the following guide.

 Make your Course Available to Students and Welcome Them to Your Course   Go to Availability Guide

checlBy default, all classes in Canvas are not available to students to begin with. This is to allow faculty to edit and make changes to the Canvas courses before students are able to see them. Make sure you make your class available to students or your students will not be able to access your class! Also, Canvas provides a way of quickly sending a message to all students in your class so welcome them to your course.

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