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Canvas is the USF Learning Management System (LMS). It is the place where instructors can post online resources and create a collaborative environment to supplement their face-to-face classes. All instructor assigned courses will be created automatically in Canvas and populated with enrollments as defined by course enrollment records. Here are your options to get up to speed with Canvas and start building your course!


iconcanvasOnline Orientation Course

Learn Canvas at your own pace and within the context of building an actual Canvas course. This is course is organized by modules, with each module progressing you along in the creation of a Canvas course. You can stop at any point based on your comfort level and the feature that will benefit your students best.

Click Here to Start the Course Video Tutorials

The link below takes you to a curated playlist that explores the essential features of Canvas by stepping you through creating Canvas course. The content is sectioned to make it easy to skip to relevant content. 

Click Here to go to the Canvas 2018 Course


icon3canvasCanvas Essentials Workshop Full Recording

Canvas Essentials is the two-hour introductory in-person workshop. Here is an Echo 360 recording of the entire workshop.

Click Here to Play the Canvas Essentials Workshop recording


forum-walkthrough (1)Canvas Instructor Guides

If you have some knowledge of  Canvas or just need quick refreshers on certain features, you can reference the Canvas Instructor Guides. These are detailed step-by-step help documents

Click Here to go directly to the Canvas Instructor Guide



Canvas Essentials Workshop Handout

This document outlines topics taught in the Canvas Essentials workshop. It includes steps to create a basic Canvas course.

Click Here to Download Canvas Essentials Workshop Handout




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