Lab 4 Entry: Field Trip to Pescadero State Beach

Carter Pope

Professor John Paul

Molecular Ecology



Lab 4 Entry

Field Trip to Pescadero State Beach



On September 19th, I arrived at the lab at 12:45PM. We then acquired a van and journeyed to Pescadero State Beach, south of San Francisco along the coast about 50 miles in hopes of seeing the yellow flowering Lupinus arboreus. Our professor then brought us towards the cliffside with sandy soil facing the ocean and showed us an example of Lupinus arboreus. These plants were scattered here and there along the cliffside but not in abundant numbers. There were no yellow flowers visible on this plant but it was still alive and well.


We then walked across the bridge and then under it in order to reach the other side of the road which was more inland. Here we also saw some Lupinus arboreus but in a little less sandy of soil. We were able to find some of the plants with flowers.


Other Lupinus arboreus were also located and we took pictures of them. They were about three to four feet wide and about two to four feet tall as mature plants.


After observing these Lupinus arboreus plants, we then headed back to the van and journeyed north towards San Francisco. We planned to also visit another beach ( I believe Pomponio State Beach) but due to time, we decided not to stop and look for more Lupinus arboreus because we risked getting caught in traffic. We arrived back at school around 4:45PM.


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