Lab 7 Entry: Phylogenetic Inference

Carter Pope

Professor John Paul

Molecular Ecology



Lab 7 Entry

Phylogenetic Inference



On the 10th of October, I arrived at the lab and opened up Geneious on my laptop to make sure I had my COI sequences set up and aligned. After that, I proceeded to attempt downloading the “jModelTest2” and using Java; however, I ran into some technical difficulties and had to fast forward that step. This step would have allowed me to determine which model would have been best for my specific set of data and presented an accurate depiction of my data in a tree. I ran a Bayesian inference on my data by using “MrBayes” and used the generic settings with “HKY” since I had to skip the “jModelTest2.” I first tested with ‘Unconstrained Branch Length: Exponential (10), and Shape Parameter (10) to ensure my analysis was incorrect. I then fixed my parameters and got a gorgeous looking analysis. Next I used “RAxML” and tested out what my data looked like using ‘bootstrapping trees.’ After that I used “PHYML” and examined my data in this analysis. Even though I had some setbacks in the beginning, I was able to do a hard restart on my poor laptop and persevere¬†through.

I will then run another “MrBayes” on my data but with different settings and create my best tree to show next lab on Wednesday the 17th of October.

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