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Education And Gender: Equality And Non-Discrimination Towards Women And The LGBTQ+ Community
Author: David Fernandez, S.J., Executive Secretary of More)
Shaping Peace Together
by Jean Pierre Ndagijimana On September 21st of each year, the United Nations observes the International Day of Peace. This day marks the UN’s declared 24 hours of cease-fire for everyone on Earth to experience the ideals of peace, to breathe freely (More)
Perspectives From Peru: Ernesto Cavassa S.J.
Author: Ernesto Cavassa, S.J., Head of Fe y Alegría in Perú The 2021 context is much more complicated than the way we started 2020. Undoubtedly, the aftermath of COVID 19 marks the scenario in which we (More)
A year without Arrupe Immersions
One year ago, USF students were being brought back to the US from their Arrupe Immersions. This was hours before countries started closing their borders as a measure to prevent the COVID 19 global pandemic. What we thought at the moment as a temporar (More)
A conversation with Fr. Chepe Idiaquez, S.J., president of the UCA
On this occasion we had the opportunity to talk with the president of the More)
Miercoles de Ceniza
A lo largo de casi un año hemos estado llamados a la distancia y al encierro. La humanidad entera nos ha exigido un acto de solidaridad y cuidado comunitario que nos ha puesto en dinámicas complejas de aislamiento social. Si bien se realizan esfuerzo (More)
Ash Wednesday in Community
For almost a year we have been called to distance and confinement. The whole of humanity has demanded from us an act of solidarity and community care that has placed us in complex dynamics of social isolation. While accumulated efforts are made to ke (More)
Being Contemplatives in Action: I-LEADers create Social Justice posters.
We live in a hurried world, and because of COVID, it has become isolated as well. Many of us are currently cut from our communities and feeling a sense of powerlessness in the face of so much injustice and pain going on around us. In times like thes (More)
Renewing our commitment to peace, justice, and reconciliation.
The violence and hate we all witnessed on January 6th in the United States served as a wake-up call for many who were adamant to ignore the voices of millions of marginalized folk, especially Back women, who have been experiencing and predicting such (More)
The Hope that Comes with New Beginnings
A warm and hopeful welcome to our new and returning students, faculty, staff, and all the Arrupe Initiatives community! It is funny how arbitrary time is, but still, we enjoy the feeling of a new beginning, be it a New Year, or a new administration, (More)
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