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Storytime with Baymax and Alexa: A Look into the Future of Storytelling with AI and Humans
By Agnes Morelos Have you ever thought about the sto (More)
4 Entertaining Activities for SF Bay Area Grad Students
By Brandon Keller The spring semester is here for our More)
12 Tips from Facebook, Salesforce, YMCA, and LinkedIn on Landing a Job
"Never Fear, Magic is Here": Magic Johnson and his Passionate Leadership
By Brandon Keller Earvin “Magic” Johnson spoke about his exp (More)
Sexism in Silicon Valley Lies Behind the Scenes
By Nevdil Çankaya After overlapped harassment and sexism scandals th (More)
A Lesson from the Golden State Warriors on how to Make a Perfect Press Release
[caption id="attachment_276" align="alignnone" width="300"] Photo by David Everett Strickler on Unsplash By Brandon Keller Th (More)
Comedy Allows us to Put Ourselves in Someone Else's Shoes
  Alexandria Love, a student in the Professional Communicat (More)
Lessons in Leadership and Crisis Communication from an Obama White House Social Secretary
  By Brandon Keller Desirée Rogers, the former CEO of Johnson Publishing Company, producer of More)
Why Poetry: The Importance of Making Space for the Imagination in our Busy Lives
By Professional Communicat (More)
Fun on a Budget in San Francisco
By Paxcelli Flores I feel extremely lucky to live in the San F (More)
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