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Philosophy in the American West, A Geography of Thought
USF Associate Professor of Philosophy, Gerard Kuperus, published a co-edited volume (with Brian Treanor and Josh Hayes, Routledge, 2020) about philosophy in our part of the world—the American (More)
The Art of Insurrection
Pedro Lange-Churión and John Zarobell On Tuesday, April 20, 2021, Derek Chauvin was convicted of murdering George Floyd and t (More)
Hard Questions: Learning to Teach Controversial Issues
Judy Pace, Professor in the School of Education, has published a More)
Enemy Alien: Uncovering Family History
Sherise Kimura reflects on an artifact as part of 10 x 10: Ten Objects, Ten Stories presented in conjunction with the Thacher Gallery exhibition Something from Nothing: Art and Handcrafted Objects from America’s Concentration Camps, August 21 – Novem (More)
Is Development on San Francisco’s Treasure Island Viable?
Professor Tanu Sankalia discusses the history of Treasure Island and how earthquake risk, toxic contamination, and sea-level rise still imperil plans for large-scale, capital intensive, develo (More)
Encountering the City and the Self in Khary Lazarre-White’s Passage
On October 18, 2017, CRASE hosted writer, social justice advocate, attorney, and activist Khary Lazarre-White. Lazarre-White discussed his work as co-founder of the More)
Traveling Green
School of Management Associate Professor Michelle Millar discusses sustainability in the hospitality industry and what it means to be a responsible traveler. Image credit: sloth by he (More)
Return to Topaz
Ken Yoshioka reflects on a trip to Topaz, Utah in response to the Thacher Gallery exhibition Something from Nothing: Art and Handcrafted Objects from America’s Concentration Camps, August 21 – November 15, 2017. In my parent’s house sat two wo (More)
Research for Research’s Sake: The Value and Responsibility of Translating Research to Diverse Audiences
Desiree Zerquera, Assistant Professor in the School of Education, writes on the value and responsibility of translating research to diverse audiences. This More)
How the Orlando Shooting and Presidential Election Changed the LGBTQ+ Community
Lou Felipe discusses the preliminary results of research conducted with Ja'nina Garrett-Walker and More)
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