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Fearful News Traveled Slow on Twitter in Disinformation Campaigns
By Violet Cheung As a psychology professor with a specialization in mass emotion and public sentiment, I have conducted research on anger, fear and anxiety in the contexts of terrorist atta (More)
Faculty Spotlight: June Lee
June Lee is an Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Strategy, and International Business at University of San Francisco's School of Management, and recent recipient of th (More)
Faculty Spotlight: Mary Donnelly
School of Nursing and Health Professions Mary Donnelly lived all of the world before she started working at the University of San Francisco. During our conversation, we discussed how working and living abroad informed her nursing and practice and how (More)
Faculty Spotlight: Kevin Lo
Kevin Lo's cross-cultural research started with the exploration of his own ethno-cultural identity. During our discussion, we talked about interdisciplinary research, social media, and the conversations that inspire him. Ben (More)
Faculty Spotlight: Desiree Zerquera
Desiree Zerquera worked in student affairs, higher education policy, and research before becoming a faculty member at the University of San Francisco (USF), and her experience led her to he (More)
Faculty Spotlight: Lois Ann Lorentzen
Lois Ann Lorentzen’s research and activist work has taken her to Mexico and El Salvador. During our conversation, we discussed how her experience as (More)
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