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Women's History Month Fireside Event
The Center for Applied Data Ethics is pleased to host a virtual Women's History Month themed fireside chat on the digital dating landscape and emergent threats amidst a prolonged period of social distancing. Our two speakers help their communities na (More)
SCELC eResource Hackfest
Justine Withers, Electronic and Continuing Resources Catalog Librarian, attended the SCELC (Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium) Hackfest 2018. USF, as a member of SCELC, is able to (More)
Libraries and Technology
Anders Lyon, the Stacks Coordinator at Gleeson Library, attended the Library Information Technology Association (More)
“This is incredible. A portable television studio!”
By Brandon Keller I would call myself a writer if (More)
Storytime with Baymax and Alexa: A Look into the Future of Storytelling with AI and Humans
By Agnes Morelos Have you ever thought about the sto (More)
Is the Snapchat Update Driving You Crazy? Join the Club!
By Brandon Keller How many times ha (More)
Public Transportation, San Francisco, and You
By Nicco Ryan I am new to San Francisco. A simple (More)
How AR/VR Will Complicate the Workplace and Revolutionize Technical Communication
By Nicco Ryan For early adopters, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies belong to the province of gaming platforms, museum tour (More)
Amazon Go: The Future of Grocery Shopping
By Praweenar Princess Thadaphrom (More)
Skilled Technical Communicators Stand Out in Competitive Job Markets
The Master of Arts in (More)
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