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More on college financing in the presidential campaign - Joe Biden jumps in
Last spring, I wrote about Senator Elizabeth Warren's college financing proposal for the San Franci (More)
It's U.S. News rankings time again
U.S. News & World Report released its annual compendium of ran (More)
Senator Warren's college financing proposals
The 2020 campaign for president is already heating up, and the Democratic field includes almost two dozen candidates.  One of them, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, recently unleashed a widely-covered proposal offering "free college" and el (More)
The reasons behind tuition increases
Like many universities, during the spring semester USF announces its tuition and fee rates for the following academic year and sends the announcement to continuing students (as well as the parents of undergraduate students). This year, we received a (More)
Public support for higher education is in trouble again (part 1)
This week the Pew Research Center issued a More)
Tax reform that harms graduate students and university employees
The competing House and Senate tax reform bills are large, complex, and often difficult to understand.  The Senate bill, for example, is a 479-page document that was passed early in the morning last Saturday and that included More)
New York Governor Cuomo's proposal for free college - still a bad idea
Earlier this week, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo joined other politicians who have proposed free college programs. As I have pointed out about similar proposals made by More)
Why any discussions of college affordability need to start with Pell Grants
There has been a good amount of discussion on the presidential campaign trail about the issue of college affordabil (More)
Pornography to pay for college?
The Internet and mainstream media have been abuzz the last couple of weeks with the story of a first-year student at More)
Why I won’t sign the petition to cancel all student debt
As I have written in the past, a lot of attention is currently being paid to the topic of student loan debt (More)