A Puppy Can Help After A Long Day

Working with kids, you never know what kind of day you will have. Kids go through and see so much that we sometimes forget that they can see. After tough days, there is one important thing you need to do. You need to take care of yourself and relax. That can happen in many ways. The ways that I take care of myself is actually spend some time with my puppy, Francine.

To me, there is no better feeling then seeing your dog so excited to see you after you have been gone all day. They act like you have been gone for years and they get so excited and they run around and jump on you and expect pets and love from you. My dog does this all the time. I will open my door and she will be right there wagging her tail and it already starts to make me feel better after a long day. Then I will sit and pet her for 15 minutes and then feed her.

I kind of use me having to take care of her as a way to take care of myself. I will take her for her daily walks and it helps me unwind and give me that time to get some fresh air and time off my phone. It was also a bit of exercise for me and for her too. I will usually walk her for half an hour around my apartment complex and I will being her in the grass areas so she can run around a bit. Sometimes I bring one of her toys she I can throw it and she can get some running in so it can give us more time outside. She loves her daily walks because she just likes to sniff the bushes and such to smell all the other dogs and cats that have been there that day.

Another way, my dog helps me unwind after a long day of work is just petting her. There have been studies that petting a dog can help relieve stress and calms a person. That is why college campuses will usually bring dogs on campus for people to pet during finals week when they are so stressed from studying and testing. My dogs loves being petted and there are usually times when I am taking her on a walk she will go up to random strangers and request for them to pet her. I usually get embarrassed and apologize right away though a lot of people say they do not mind since she is so little.

Though there are many other ways that I take care of myself after a long day, like drink take a hit shower or a bath with a bath bomb or drink some wine, I feel like my dog has helped me the most when it comes to having a long day at work. There are many other ways to take care of yourself and every person is different and I would enjoy to hear what ya’ll do to take care of yourselves.

Thank you and be amazing ya’ll.


P.S. Enjoy some pictures of Francine.