In-class writing 2/27

In Sweden where I’m from we don’t celebrate thanksgiving so it wasn’t until I moved to the United States that I had my first thanksgiving meal. The last two years I’ve spent thanksgiving in Phoenix, Arizona together with Swedish National Team for golf. We are about 7 people that play a part of the men’s national team and we all go to college in the U.S and since we all get a couple of days off during thanksgiving, they gather us for a short training camp. There we have our own chef brought from Sweden to cook for us and just because we’re in the U.S, he made sure we had a real thanksgiving meal. It probably doesn’t look exactly like the typical American thanksgiving but at least it includes turkey. So the picture that is the most similar to my thanksgiving is the one with the soldiers. It’s a different irony from the soldiers of course but it’s also a little bit of irony in a group of only Swedish people trying to have a real American thanksgiving.

2/25 In-class writing

Common dishes in my family is chicken with rice, steak and rice, salmon pasta, meatballs and pasta, Spaghetti Bolognese and others. To almost every meal we have a sallad including cucumber, tomato, corn and spinach. I’m not sure to how these are representative of any cultural status, I think these are normal Swedish dishes. I wouldn’t say that there is anything special about Swedish food.

2/25 in-class writing, group work Christoffer & Ben

1. “Reaching out to faculty and peers for academic and cultural
support and regular participation at social events become key factors to help international
students mitigate culture shock in U.S. colleges and universities” (Gebhard, 2010, p. 23).

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in-class writing 2/20/2020 + group work with Ben

in-class writing 2/20/2020

Almond’s critique of football is based on that everyone who follows it and watch do it because of the brutal tackles that occur. I think there are so many other aspects and skillsets to the game that make it interesting than the tough tackles. There’s research saying that the game of football can cause severe brain injury and I think and hope that the players are aware of this. And if they are, it’s up to themselves if they want to play or not. I don’t think fans should feel bad for supporting this game, it’s the players own choice. The tackles are just one part of the game but it’s not main reason to why I watch it and I think others are the same way.

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Feb 6, free-writing

Free-writing, feb 6

  • One idea for my audio essay is to write about learning a new language. The struggles with it, being put in an environment where I’m forced to speak it and finally the benefits of it and why I’m doing it.
  • Another idea is something within the area of golf since that is the thing I am most passionate about in life. It could be the first time representing the national team, the first time playing the European Team Championship or when I played quarterfinal in the British Amateur. All of these events have a whole story to it.

Possible outline:

If I were to choose the experience of learning a new language I would start of with how I learned English in school back home in Sweden. How often we spoke english, how we started and what exercises we have done etc. Then I would start explaining why I wanted to come to the united states and play college golf and how much learning english played a part of it. Since I’ve been here for almost a year and a half I can talk about my experience of being put in an environment where I’m forced to speak english. The struggles with it and the benefits of it. I would finish of with what level of english I wish to reach one day and why I want that to happen.

If I were to choose a golfing experience I would probably pick a moment from this the summer in 2019 where I was a part of the Swedish team who won the European Team Championship in golf for the first time in 58 years. A proper introduction and background of this event would be needed for the audience since they most likely don’t know too much about golf and especially how big this European Championship is and the prestige of it. The middle part of it would be a brief story of the whole week and I would pick one specific moment that was really special. Last part of the audio essay would be clinching the trophy and the celebration.

2/4/20 In-class writing

2/4/20 In-class writing (Audio essay)


  • One challenge is going to be to use your voice effectively. By that I mean emphasizing certain parts and not staying in the same tone throughout the entire essay.
  • Providing unexpected insight (Hard to pick a topic)
  • Using Adobe Spark in a good way so that it helps the audience to follow along and understand


Discussion on readings for the day:

One part from Garnette Cadogan’s essay “Black and Blue” that I remember is when he gets arrested just because he was running. The cops didn’t hold back with the amount of force that used and they all asked him questions. Obviously he could only answer one at a time but the others got mad because they didn’t answer their specific question. After a while the police officer comes over and tells his men to let him go since he acted nicely and provided his whereabouts, they had the wrong guy. They told him he was lucky he behaved in a good way and didn’t even apologize for arresting the wrong person. I haven’t had any personal experiences with these kinds of things but obviously I’ve heard a lot about police brutality. It is wrong on every level.

Cadogan is trying to rewrite these by telling his story and explaining how the police is acting out there. Hoping to raise attention and an eventual change of this in the future.

cultural bloopers

Cultural bloopers

In Sweden, whenever you enter someone else’s home you are obligated to take your shoes off. It would be looked like very rude and someone would without a doubt tell you to take them off when they notice it. Here in America, everyone walks around inside wearing shoes which is really weird for me. When I went home over winter break I actually forgot about taking off my shoes walking inside my friends house. And he was just staring at me like; “what are you doing”. I guess I got so used to keeping my shoes on that I accidentally did it back home too.


My name is Christoffer Palsson and I’m from a city called Helsingborg which is located in the south part of Sweden. My hobbies are playing golf, padel tennis and to work out. Basically anything sports related. I am also a big soccer fan so I watch that a lot and used to play myself when I was younger. I chose golf instead of soccer and now I’m here representing and playing for the USF Men’s Golf Team. That is the main reason why I moved here and I get an education at the same time I improve my golf game. During my years here I intend to major in International Business. A fun fact is that I plan to play golf professionally after I graduate from USF.

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