This speech analysis is on Winston Churchill’s “Their Finest Hour” speech.

  • The attention -getting opener for this speech is as follows:

“I spoke the other day of the colossal military disaster which occurred when the French High Command failed to withdraw the northern Armies from Belgium at the moment when they knew that the French front was decisively broken at Sedan and on the Meuse.” This opening statement addresses that he is aware of the allying country, France, situation. Letting the people know that he is in the know gives the population ease of mind that their leader knows whats going on.

  • Introduction:

He introduces the realization of Great Britain being alone in Europe after the fall of France and Belgium.

“We may now ask ourselves: In what way has our position worsened since the beginning of the war? It has worsened by the fact that the Germans have conquered a large part of the coastline of Western Europe.” This is the thesis statement of the speech

  • A body Preview:

“We have, therefore, in this island today a very large and powerful military force.” This statement is providing logos in his speech by offering a idea of security in the nation.

“Much will depend on this; every man and every woman will have their chance to show the finest qualities of their race, and render the highest service to their cause.” This is the speeches pathos as it add in their emotions of the people helping in time of need.

The main points of the speech are consisted of talking about how prepared the country is for invasion, asking the people to help where they can and to stay calm, and to be in the know of whats happening in Europe as the conflict closes in.

In conclusion:

This speech was use to help persuade the population of Great Britain and eventually defeat the Germans. Using his ethos position and logos persuasion to help the nation bunker down was effective in preparing the population for invasion.