Outline for project 4

Topic: Bike Safety in Cities

Concept: There have been too many cases of hit and run in big cities, like New York, Los Angeles, and even my home town of Huntington Beach, where young people have been struck and killed while on their bike. In 2015, there were over 6 ghost bikes around town, and the owners of the bikes ranged in age.

Solution: widen bike lanes, allow bikers to ride on sidewalks, place reflective lights on helmets, bikes, and bike paths, bike paths adjacent highways (like in irvine

Class Response 14

I really enjoyed the Seven Words You Can’t Say of Television. I was really curious as to how Carlin was going to make a nine minute comedy skit about seven simple words but he did it so effectively. His tone of voice made the sketch very engaging and it made me laugh out loud. He also made some very good points, but in a joking tone of voice. He stated as to why only seven on the thousands of words in the English language made the cut for the worst words to say on tv, when some of them aren’t even that bad. I found it funny how the only reason piss made it into the seven words was because women in the past found it offensive. Overall, Carlin’s act was informative in a humorous way and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it.

Class post `1

Class was a lot better than I expected. The people seemed really cool and everyone was friendly. I thought the ice breaker was a little awkward at first, but we got used to each other after a while. I remember being really confused about the blogs because it was impossible for me to get it up and running. My email wasn’t working and I was afraid I was going to fall behind. I also thought the class was going to feel really seeing as it is four hours, but it went by really fast because I was so engaged.

Class Post

The Rebecca Solnit article was probably my favorite article out of the two we read. My rhet 110 professor actually suggested that I read this article on my free time because I had written about a similar topic for my essay. My favorite aspect was when she stated that a man tried to explain her own book to her and would not listen when told otherwise. I also found her examples were very interesting. She stated that a woman was murdered the day before her rape testimony because the man wanted to quiet the woman. For some reason this was very shocking to me for she stated as if people saw it as no big deal.

Class 12 Youtube

Justin and I watched multiple youtube video and they all had very similar qualities. They all over stressed their vowels to the max. It was incredibly peppy and somewhat smooth, but you could tell it was improvised. When we filmed our intro, we did the most basic, typical youtube intro you could think of. We were also super peppy, we stated our names (Justin even used a nickname), and we stated where we were and what we planned to do. I tried to do the sneaky extra vowel, but it was really hard to think of a word where I could do so. The one thing we did that is extremely common is ask everyone to like and subscribe whilst pointing at the bottom of the screen.

Discussion of Video Rehearsals 3

The rehearsals for this project were much easier than the first two because almost everything I was planning on saying had been typed out onto an organized powerpoint instead of having to read an entire pre-written speech. When recording the videos, I would read the blurbs I had already written, and then add onto them with more detailed information. For some reason, I kept getting tongue tied in all of my videos, so there were definitely some rough patches, but overall it was not too bad. I thought having my thoughts pre organized made it a lot easier to read through and the topic we were writing on was personal. This made it easier to improvise some detailed points.

Discussion of Sources for 3

I didn’t have to use many outside sources or articles for this project, but instead used personal experiences. I have lived in Huntington Beach for almost my entire life and I have witnessed or done the things mentioned in my presentations. I have seen the ghost bikes on the side of the road and talked with some of the people who have been hit on bikes. I have gathered this information over the years and many of the pictures displayed were taken my me.

Class 10

I thought the jump bike was amazing and, in my opinion, more efficient than the Ford bike! First of all, I love the color. Next, I thought it rode better than the Ford bike. Ford Go bikes are very heavy, while the Jump bike was much lighter and easier to maneuver. The way the gears shift was also a lot better and I found it cool how it was somewhat electric. What also impressed me was that the locking system was much simpler than the one created by Ford, yet it was so much more efficient. More people steal Go bikes because users fail to lock it properly, and then they have to replace it. The simple lock on the Jump bike is way more efficient and even if a bike does get stolen, the GPS on the bike makes it easier to find. I was overall very impressed with this company.

speaking center project 2

The speaking center is actually a really cool place. It’s a small conference room on the lower levels of the library where you get a one-on-one session with the worker. The woman I had was a young biology undergrad. She just read over my outline and made small suggestions as to what I should change and Incorporate into my essay. We only met for 15 minutes and she answered any questions I had. Although the session was not long, it was pretty beneficial and I would schedule another appointment for both public speaking and rhetoric.

Reflection Project 3

I was pretty happy with this presentation and it was one of my favorites to present. I tried not to read off of a script and speak more fluidly, which I did to some extent. I did end up looking back and reading the screen multiple times, but I did so less than my other presentations. I was initially afraid that my speech was going to be too short, but I think I fulfilled the time slot pretty well. When writing this, I was afraid I would have been too vague on the biking aspect of my community, but I was able to explain much better than I originally thought. I was overall satisfied with my presentation and really enjoyed speaking about my hometown. Hopefully next time I can speak more fluid and be even less reliant on my notes.