Discussion of sources 4

I used a plethra of sources for this project. I only needed it for history and small facts on the raised sidewalk though. For example, I needed one article about the history of the Copenhagen raised bike freeway and also used my friend from Denmark as a sourced. When it came to the information for Huntington Beach,  I used articles posted by the OC Register and the city council. I also used my own personal experiences, knowledge, and stories for many of the slides. I had more articles for this project than any other of my projects because I also used this for my English essay and went into great detail for it.

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Write Out for Project 1

My write out for project one was very messy. I did not know whether I should write out an entire speech or if I should have made bullet points. I saw that Malia organized her speech in bullet points so I decided to do the same as well. I was very stuttery during my speech and was very quiet in speaking. I feel that i should have organized my writing better and spoken with more confidence. I grew with every speech and once I figured out the class dynamic, my speeches got more exciting and informative.


Class Post 2

Class 2 was really fun. We got lost on our way to the panhandle. I remember half of us rode bikes to the panhandle and the other half walked, but we got incredible lost. I remember that being the classes first bonding moment. When we finally made it to the panhandle, we did an activity at the statue of William McKinley. It was our first class outing and many of actually got our first bikes! It was a great second class.

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Class 11

In class today we talked about freedom of speech and I really enjoyed it. I loved the crash course video on freedom of speech in government and I felt it was informative and entertaining. My favorite part about this day was definitely making the group project in class and learning about the punk Russian band. There music was incredibly good and the story was even better. I found it interesting when Prof. Hunt explained they had twenty or so members because many of them had been sentenced to jail for disrespecting the government.

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Class 12

I was very impressed with Krista and the work she has done. She seemed so down to earth but at the same time very intelligent! I thought it was very interesting how she described how she went to school to be an engineer and then worked in various companies was very impressive. I also thought it was really cool how she still biked (at least once) after the class. I really enjoyed hearing what she had to say about her friends and her carrier path.

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Class 13

For this class we got into groups and presented created our group presentations. Olivia, Remi, Sierra, and I were assigned group 2 which was responsible for finding global organizations and activists that promote bike riding. We found 88Bikes, which was an organization that donated bikes to people, specifically children, around the world. All spectators have to do is donate $88 dollars to the cause. We also wrote about a woman (whose name is very long), who advocates for the safety of children and competitive biking for women. Overall, our productivity during the day was not the greatest, but we had an overall good presentation.

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Individual Conference Post Project 3

I thought this meeting was very helpful. Like always I got a lot of feedback for my next presentation as well as from my last presentation. I like seeing myself on camera so I can tell what I am doing right and wrong. I feel that last speech I was very focused on reading off the page and focusing on getting what I wanted to say word for word. This next presentation I will focus on writing a few bullet points on the screen, but speaking from my own memory. Since we are writing on a topic I am very familiar with, this should be much easier. I feel that my presentation on the food bikes was very numbers based which made it hard to memorize everything. This time I will try and use less stats.

Write-Out for Project 4

My process for creating project 4 was very similar to the processes I did for my other projects. This time I chose a premade template to spicy things up instead of using a blank template. I added the pros and cons of my topic and where it has been applied. I gave multiple examples of how it has been used, how it has helped cities, and how it has actually hurt them. I found a lot of pictures, especially from Copenhagen, where my solution was shown effective. I thought the overall layout of the presentation was decent and I incorporated a lot of information.

Video Rehearsal Post

These video rehearsals went a lot smoother than my previous rehearsals and I was really glad. They were much smoother and I was able to get them all done in one sitting. I usually get frustrated with my second or third one because I’ve made so many mistakes and I have to finish them up later. Unfortunately, my roommate was in the room when I was recording and I didn’t want to keep adding more information in my speech. It would be really choppy and for some reason I was kind of embarrassed of messing up. In past recordings, I would add more content and not read off the powerpoint to make it more personable, but this time I strictly read what I had written down.