Individual conference post 4

I thought this individual conference went really well. I had done most of my powerpoint when my conference date arrived, but I was still confused as to how to conclude it and what else I should add in. Professor Hunt really help me tie my loose ends together and I was able to give a successful final presentation. I was also able to get my fifth project approved and filmed within the week. Although it was not as successful as I would have wanted it to be, I was glad I was able to talk about it and see what worked and what would not have worked.

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Class Post 15

The last class made me so sad! I really enjoyed all the presentations that were given and I was very impressed with what everyone had to say. After the presentations, I read over the class evaluations and thought back to all the times in this class. Even though I’m really bad at doing the blog right after class gets out, I really thought it was an effective way of getting my thoughts down on paper and really expressing what I thought. I enjoyed how I was able to express my creativity throughout all the projects and speeches. I will miss everyone in this class and I feel like I have an entire group of friends that I have grown closer with. I will also miss the exciting bike rides we went on. I experienced the culture of San Francisco outside of the classroom and it was an amazing experience.

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Peer reflection

I really enjoyed all of the presentations and thought everyone brought unique topics to share. I really enjoyed Aaron’s presentation on the transgender community and biking. I was so shocked when he told the story of the woman who was rejected by her peers in biking all because she was a trans. It really makes me angry to find out that adults can be so immature and cruel to people who are “different”. I also really enjoyed Jordan’s presentation and her mom was her inspiration for her topic. I really liked how she incorporated her own personal touches, like how she cut her own hair and donated it as well as held a pink out. She transitioned very well into the woman who road in an east coast bike ride which raised money for people with various types of cancer. She was well researched, well spoken, and very passionate about her slides.

Self assessment

I believe that the USF Learning Outcome pertaining to creating a presentation that targets the audience you are presenting for is the most important aspect to me. I try and make it my main focus for every project so I can effectively get my point across. For example, for every powerpoint presentation I have ever done, I incorporate bike related gifs in multiple slides to grab my audiences’ attention. I feel this makes my audience more interested in what I have to say. I feel that if you can’t immediately draw the audience into the presentation, your information is wasted, even if it is useful. In the presentation I just gave, I think I  was interesting and drew my audience into my presentation. I added gifs, told personal and relatable stories, and talked about an area of the state where many people come from.