Nov. 6 (PLAGIARISM ACTIVITIES) Sophie, Yi Kang, Cindy

Student versions:
Is this plagiarism or not? Y or N

_Y____William Ellis asserts that world problems such as poverty, pollution, war, and hunger are inherent in the current system of world order based on nation- states and economic competition (p. 23).

Ans: there is no year before the page number.
_Y____Global tensions and inequities can be solved if people begin to help one another on a grass – roots basis, moving beyond the current world order of economic competition (Ellis 23).
Ans: the in text citation should include the author, page number and the date.
_N____Ellis (2011) argues that global problems are often a result of exploitation inherent in economic competition. He contends that “grass roots….people-to people linkages irrespective of national borders” can do much to ease global tensions (p. 23).
Ans: it provide the author’s name, page number and the date. It also provide the quotation in the paragraph.
_Y____Economic competition is at the basis of many of the world’s problems (Ellis 23). Only by seeing ourselves as a single family without the separation of national boundaries can world tensions begin to be eased.
Ans: it ignored the page and the date of its in text citation.
_N____Ellis (2011) argues that world problems are caused by overpopulation and that the only possible solution is an enforced tax on families who have more than one child (p. 23).
Ans: it provides everything we need in a in text citation.
1. Student Version

: Alaskan wetlands offer advantages such as erosion and flood control, homes and food for wildlife, and natural beauty and products for humans’ benefit.
Ans: Yes, the student use others idea without mention the original text.
2.Student Version:

Because they are not readily influenced, assertive people gain respect from others, and they experience success in guiding their own lives, nurturing good relationships, and achieving
their goals (Hargie, Saunders, and Dickson, 2000, p. 271).
Ans: No. The in-text citation is clear.
3.Student Version:

A Popular Mechanics article notes that University of Georgia researchers have found a newuse for worn tires: instead of having them on trees as swings, they’re using them as mulch (“Tires Return”).
Ans: Yes. The student needs more information in his/her citation.


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