Internship Ideas: Rheina at "CBS 5/KCAL Sports"

I know what you are wishing for. A new “Internship Ideas” post for your reading enjoyment and internship inspiration over the summer months. Wish granted! Today’s Internship Ideas features Communication Studies major Rheina Ale. Here we go…

CBS 5 intern Rheina

Q: Where do you intern and what do they do?

Rheina: “I am interning at CBS/KCAL Sports in Studio City. They are a well-known sports channel in Southern California. CBS covers mostly all LA sports teams or popular LA sports events that may be happening around the area.”

Q: How did you find this internship?

Rheina: “My coach, Jennifer Azzi, knew someone that was really good friends with the intern coordinator here at CBS. I got an interview, and was hired within the next 2 weeks. I was really blessed to have connections through my coach!”

Q: Why did you choose to intern there?

Rheina: “I decided to intern here because I really want to become a sports broadcaster. I figured by getting an internship at a sports station I can see what to expect and see if this is really what I want to pursue as a career.”

Q: What do you do on a regular basis at your internship?

Rheina: “At my internship, all the interns are in charge of ‘logging games.’ This means we are each assigned a sports game, whether it is Golf, Basketball, Baseball, etc. and are in charge of writing the play by plays for our boss and highlight the most important events that happened. Our managers use what we highlighted as important plays and put it on the sports segment during the news. I love logging basketball games, however I usually get stuck with logging NASCAR or Golf because basketball isn’t in season right now.”

Q: What have you learned at your internship?

Rheina: “So far, I learned a lot more about different sports. I wanted to focus on basketball and become a sideline reporter, however to become a successful sports broadcaster, you need to know a lot about all sports. I’ve become a fan of baseball simply because I would log a game at least once whenever I’m working here.”

Q: What advice do you have for other students who are looking for an internship?

Rheina: “As for advice, I would tell them to have fun during your internship. It can be scary starting off, but then I got used to how it is here and became comfortable with what I am doing. Also, it is very important to socialize and meet other people. I want to become closer with our main broadcasters because some day I might be working with them! (hopefully). Meet new people, have fun, and work hard.”

Great advice, Rheina! Who would guess Rheina would become a NASCAR expert over the summer through her internship? Congratulations and thanks for sharing your experiences!


94 Days of Summer, Day 37: Corin's East Coast Adventure

Next up in our summer guest blogging extravaganza, senior Communication Studies major Corin Sanchez!

“Writing a bio about yourself is a lot harder than it sounds! Well, to start, I’m a senior majoring in Communication Studies, and the president of PRSSA. For the summer I am part-time SEO intern at 451 Marketing in Boston, part-time babysitter, and part-time student. This summer I am indulging in fiction novels, tweeting like a mad woman (my new addiction has sprung from my internship!), cooking up a storm, and reading fashion blogs like there’s no tomorrow. On the weekends, I explore Boston with my best friend and boyfriend in tow. Though, on a regular basis when I’m not in Boston, I love reading the NY Times, wandering around San Francisco, fashion blogging,and spending time with my nephew.

Senior Communication Studies major and guest blogger Corin

Since the end of my second to last semester at USF, I’ve taken ‘summer vacation’ to a completely new level. This being my last summer off ever, I decided that I had to take full advantage of the freedom that I had left. So, a week after school let out, I left San Francisco for Boston. Upon arriving on Boston I promptly started my internship at 451 Marketing as a SEO (search engine optimization) intern. It’s been about four weeks now, I am definitely missing home & my nephew (isn’t he the cutest?).

Corin's super cute nephew!

I’m also discovering that I might not want to take the marketing/public relations path after I graduate after all! I find myself wandering the fashion blogs, style.com, and reading articles on NY Times during my downtime at work. This has caused me to think hard about what I really want to do come December. Maybe a job doing something fashion related perhaps?

Thus far in Boston I’ve been kayaking, and let me tell you, it’s a lot easier than it looks! As soon as we got into the kayak ( it was two person one) I wanted to leap out, out of fear of sinking! I quickly learned that it was not that hard, and that it’s a wonderful way to see Boston. In addition to sightseeing, I’ve tried a plethora amount of sweet items. If you’re ever in Boston, you must go to Sweet Bakery. Their cake is so moist, that the butter cream practically melts in your mouth, and to top it off, they have sprinkles! What girl doesn’t love sprinkles?

Things that the East Coast definitely needs to improve upon? The weather. One minute it can be perfectly sunny, and the next, it’ll be raining like a monsoon! It’s either extremely hot and humid, humid and cloudy/rainy, or just cold and rainy. There has been one day thus far that has been perfect (perfect meaning 75).

One of the things I love most about Boston? My best friend is here. I haven’t lived in the same area as her in over six years, so it’s really exciting to be only a few T stops away from her. Our weekly outings consist of discovering new sweet items to indulge in, making our own DIY bracelets, and wandering around Boston together.

Whoa... these friendship bracelets take me down memory lane!

I do have to say though, I love how every thing on the East Coast is so close together, and by everything, I mean the states. It’s easy to book a bus ride to NYC on a whims notice for only $15 (each way), and within 4-6 hours you can be in the heart of New York City. This past weekend I just happened to have some time, so, the boyfriend and I made it out there for a quick weekend visit.

One of Corin's fave food trucks

The guy from Wafels & Dinges. If you ever go to NYC you NEED to find one of their trucks.

One of their tasty treats 🙂

Overall the trip was successful! Complete with visits to Central Park, Magnolia & Crumbs Cupcakes, a walk of the Brooklyn Bridge, and a trip to NYC wouldn’t be complete without some yummy food truck eats!”


Thanks, Corin, for sharing your summer adventures!


Red Alert: Department of Communication Studies Sweatshirt Design Contest!

This is exciting. I know sometimes when you preface a message by declaring that it is exciting, it may seem like it is not actually that exciting, but that is not the case here.  So, prepare to be excited.  Ready?

I am happy to announce the Department of Communication Studies Sweatshirt Design Contest! Ta da! Here’s the scoop: In the past, every few years we have had students design sweatshirts for our honor society, Lambda Pi Eta. This has always been fun (and special props to Kelly Sanders and Natalie Borges, the two most dedicated wearers of LPH sweatshirts!), but this year we thought we would do something a bit different. We would create department sweatshirts instead! That way everyone can wear them and proudly show off their membership in the COMS department! Ta da! And in order to create department sweatshirts, we will have a contest. TA DA!

Here are the details: We are looking for designs for a department sweatshirt. The winner of the sweatshirt design contest will receive the fame and glory of USF Communication Studies majors, alums, and faculty wearing their winning design, and, as if that is not enough, the winner will also receive a free sweatshirt! Here are the requirements:

  • Submissions must come from current members of the University of San Francisco community or USF Communication Studies department alums.
  • The design must mention, in some form, “Department of Communication Studies” and “University of San Francisco” (abbreviations or acronyms are fine).
  • The design must be appropriate for an academic department at a Jesuit university.
  • Submissions should be sent to me at edoohan@usfca.edu in a PDF format.
  • Design submissions are due by September 15th.

The plan is to have a final slate of designs that will be put to the vote on our facebook fan page (http://www.facebook.com/USFDONSCOMS). This will take place in September, sweatshirts will be sold during the first two weeks of October, and distributed before the end of fall semester.  We don’t know the price yet, but we will keep the cost as reasonable as possible.

I wanted to make the announcement now so that interested students and alums can work on the design over these long summer months. If you have a design finished in advance of the September 15th deadline, feel free to pass it along! Have fun with this and contact me if you have any questions.

Let the designs start pouring in… (Please).


Student Shout-Out: COMS majors at the Bay Area Undergrad Research Conference

File this post under “better late than never.” Each spring for the past several years, some students from our department present research papers at the Bay Area Undergraduate Research Conference. This year, the conference brought together students from San Jose State University, Santa Clara University, San Francisco State University, California State University, Long Beach, University of Southern California, University of the Pacific, and Humboldt State University. This year’s conference took place in April at SJSU.  Here is a rundown of the USF student participants and their papers:

Delivering Bad News: An Empirical Test of Initial Phrases by Emma Gallagher and Lauren Jacobson

Emma and Lauren at the research conference

A Presage to the United States of America: A Rhetorical Analysis of Andrew Jackson’s Removal Act Message to Congress by Lauren Espina

The House that X Built: A Rhetorical Analysis on Malcolm X’s Message to Grassroots by Ryan Lennox

COMS major Ryan Lennox presenting his rhetorical analysis

Courtroom Use of Rebuttal Analogy by Nichole Hathorn and Molly Torrence-Barrett

COMS majors Molly and Nichole getting ready to present their paper

Congratulations to each of the students who presented their research at this conference!


Job Search Chronicles, Ch. 2: Abbey Lee

It is time to check in once again with recent graduate Abbey Lee, who earlier in the semester agreed to write two posts for us here on the blog chronicling her job search.  Abbey’s search has taken an interesting turn, as you will read.  Here is Abbey’s Chapter 2:

Recent graduate Abbey Lee

“A Summer with Penny

Sometimes the best plans are the ones never made.

I had it all planned out.

After graduation I would move to Breckenridge, Colorado to live with my very best friend from Semester at Sea who was given the opportunity to become caretaker of a beautiful mansion just outside the tiny little ski town. We would find fun bartending gigs at the golf course to save up money for future travels, all the while using our free time to really discover where and in what capacity our lives would eventually flourish.

But plans change. They can change in an instant, and by now, I believe those individuals that face and accept change with the least amount of resistance can be just as happy.

My job hunt came to an immediate halt after just one simple realization. I had just finished talking to my mother about summer plans. She told me she would be moving her 86 year old mother, my grandma, from Cleveland, OH to live with us in Sonoma Valley… indefinitely. Grandma Penny is a little spitfire of a woman, full of vitality and spirit, never afraid to drop an f-bomb. However, her physical capabilities have severely diminished over the course of her full and happy life, requiring very special care.

Right after that conversation with my mother, I knew I would be moving home to Sonoma for the summer. I knew I couldn’t just take off like I’d originally planned, knowing full well that my parents would need the extra help. With two parents working full time, it wouldn’t make sense for them to hire outside help, or put Grandma Penny in an assisted living facility, when I am perfectly capable of providing such support. Now, I’m no saint, I’m not sharing this information as a way to glorify my situation or even to justify a move back to my hometown. This was a simple decision on my part. Family comes first. My presence was needed elsewhere.

Plus, as a fun sort of bonus, I randomly ran into an old director from eighth grade, my first night home. Turned out he was looking for one more cast member of Sonoma Valley’s production of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”… Rehearsals have been fantastic and we open in less than two weeks!

Grandma Penny is just a little confused every now and then, and she wonders how she got here, as I’m sure she’s blocked the 6 hour, CLE to SFO plane ride from her memory, but everyday she’s getting stronger and every day she helps me appreciate my youth, my family and my home.

So for now, the job hunt is off, but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped thinking about my future or stopped cultivating relationships and resources. I keep up my LinkedIn profile and occasionally check Craigslist to see which jobs I could potentially see myself enjoying. I’d like to admit that I’m truly content right now, and actually I’m even happy with life and my situation. Even though I’m not living in San Francisco with a job, an apartment and the coveted social life of a young professional, I wouldn’t trade this life for anything. No one can take away my experiences at USF that have truly prepared me for whatever life may bring, whether that be an awesome fun job at a new start-up, or a fantastic summer with Grandma Penny.”

Thanks, Abbey, for sharing your update! Congratulations on your graduation and enjoy your summer with Grandma Penny!


94 Days of Summer, Day 16: Ishtar's DC Internship

The guest blogs are rolling in! Today we are featuring Communication Studies major Ishtar Schneider. Ishtar is a senior who is majoring in Communication Studies, minoring in Public Relations, and is part of the Honor’s Program and the St. Ignatius Institute.  She has a passion for fashion and is also a University Ambassador and University Scholar. In short, she is busy! But, she is taking time to guest blog for us for the summer!

“June is proving to be a very interesting month so far.  I left SF at the end of May and flew cross-country to Rockville, MD (about 30 min outside of DC), which is where my mom now lives.  I stayed there for a week and a half (not the most exciting place in the world let me tell you) and now currently reside in the Georgetown University apartments, which I moved into on the 5th.


Georgetown U, Ishtar's home for the summer!

I’m enrolled in the TFAS Georgetown IPJ summer program, which stands for The Fund For American Studies, Institute of Political Journalism (but writing TFAS and IPJ is just way easier)!

Basically I take 2 classes, the first one, ethics in media, runs for the first 4 weeks and the second, microeconomics, is the last 4.  I also intern with a digital communications firm here in downtown DC called Talbot Digital.  I am the ‘digital media intern’ and work directly under the founder Chris Talbot who used to work for Google.  So far I have put together some info sheets on 2 different candidates, one running for Attorney General in PA and the other for Senate in WI.  I’ve also worked on some social media plans for their newest client, the Treasury Dept. and one of their biggest accounts, the Carton Council.

But its not all class and work, I also get to sightsee and check out the nightlife (and yes, I did make a trip to DC Cupcakes!).

YUM! Ishtar at DC Cupcakes!

On Monday I got to be in the audience for a taping of a Town Hall: Republican View for CBS News’ The Early Show, which aired Tuesday morning.  You can watch it here http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7370020n&tag=cbsnewsMainColumnArea

Town Hall: Republican View taping for the CBS Early Show

It was such a fun experience! I also got to visit the White House this past weekend and although I didn’t run into the Obamas it was just cool getting to walk through.  I feel like the transition for SF people to the DC lifestyle is actually rather easy since we already take public transportation everywhere.  Some of my classmates who come from rural places seem to be struggling a little bit.  The weather however is a TOTALLY different story. I have never in my life experienced 100-degree weather with 90% humidity. Blehh.  Not my favorite part for sure, especially since business casual (if not business professional) attire is pretty much standard here.

Ishtar's sightseeing destination... The White House!

All in all it’s a great start to my summer and I hope to have more exciting things to update you on as it progresses.


What an exciting summer! Congratulations on the internship! One thing I’m jealous of: DC Cupcakes. One thing I’m not jealous of: 100 degree weather.  Thanks Ishtar!


Alumni Spotlight #16: Ashley Campisi, '08

I’m so happy today to shine the light on 2008 Communication Studies graduate Ashley Campisi! Ashley works for the World Champion San Francisco Giants as a Group Sales and Client Relations Account Manager. In this position, Ashley works to maximize renewals of current Giants group customers and provides customer service to clients who purchase group tickets.  She keeps in contact with clients and helps create and participate in client events and develop and enhance Group Sales & Service programs. Working the Giants seems like a perfect job for Ashley, who I know spent many years traveling to watch the Giants Spring Training! Let’s catch up with her…

COMS alum Ashley, smiling because she works for the Giants!

I asked Ashley to tell us about her job and what she enjoys about it.  “I have always enjoyed working with people so I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be able to do so in such a fun and exciting environment! One of the things I enjoy most about my job is the amount of interaction I have with my group clients. Be it through phone and email correspondence or working face to face on the day of a game, the majority of my time is spent working directly with group clients to ensure successful group events at AT&T Park. I work with a wide rang of group clients, from small friends and family groups of 25 to large corporate events with 500+ guests, each group with their own set of challenges and demands. The variations in client types and event needs demand a high level of organization, clear and concise communication and adaptability on my end.”

I also asked Ashley to explain how her Communication Studies background has helped her.  “My communication studies experience has proven to be a tremendous asset in all aspects of my professional career. Having the strong interpersonal skills needed to effectively maintain a professional level of communication with potential employers through phone/email correspondence and interviews allowed me to feel confident in my abilities as a professional. The assurance I had in my abilities to communicate with potential employers directly translated to my employers’ confidence that I would be able to maintain the same high level of professionalism with colleagues and clients.  My experience thus far has shown me that the ability to effectively communicate within the workplace is one of the strongest skills you can possess. Being able to seamlessly communicate across departments within my organization has allowed me establish myself as a capable and self sufficient employee, skills that have proven invaluable throughout my professional career.”

So what advice does Ashley have for other students?  “The first and very best career move I made was picking an industry that interested me and accepting a very low position within the organization. I started with the Giants in 2009 as a part-time seasonal inside sales representative, a position I was not thrilled about. The sales job was extremely low paying and offered no guarantee of ever becoming full time but the experience I gained has been instrumental in progressing my career.

I went in thinking that I didn’t know if I would like the job or be one bit successful in the position but that I would work as hard as I could and that I will have learned and grown at the end of it so no matter what it would be a successful experience. It is difficult to accept a position that you’re unsure of or is not at the level of what you ultimately want to be doing but I have seen that having the determination to start at the bottom of an organization and work your way up is one of the most admirable professional attributes and is very often rewarded in some capacity. Being open to criticism and direction for the sake of growing as a professional has proven to be the most challenging and rewarding aspects of my professional career so I urge you adopt a similar philosophy as you begin your careers.”

What excellent advice from our alum Ashley! I know this is an industry Ashley really wanted to work in, and her dedication paid off and she worked her way up! Thanks Ashley for sharing your experience and advice! Congratulations!


94 Days of Summer, Day 25: Kelly's Top 10 Activities for the Unemployed Post Grad

I’m happy to introduce our second summer guest blogger, recent Communication Studies graduate Kelly Sanders!

“Isn’t writing a short bio of yourself (an autobiography, I believe) far more difficult than it should be? To describe myself succinctly, I am a recent USF graduate with a not-yet-received degree in Communication Studies, with minors in Public Relations and Legal Studies. I am living in the Los Angeles area, searching for full time employment in the entertainment industry in some sort of PR/marketing capacity, while telecommuting for an AmeriCorps program in San Francisco and doing some online marketing for my brother’s new business (<insert shameless plug here> http://www.silverleafcs.com/). In my spare time I indulge in mildly unhealthy obsessions with the Disneyland Resort and concert-going (not necessarily at the same time), and I am both hopelessly in love with and allergic to cats (the animal, not the musical).

Graduate Kelly Sanders on her big day!

Twenty-five days have passed since I shook Father Privett’s hand and successfully navigated St. Ignatius in heels, but my lack of gainful employment makes me feel as though this is any other summer where I would typically visit friends and family in Los Angeles for a week or two before returning to San Francisco for work and an internship. However, a large storage unit in Pasadena filled with the contents of my former apartment tells a different story – I have graduated, and now I must be a full time adult. Wow. I always knew it was coming – looked forward to it, even – but typing it out really solidifies it and makes it scary. And I’m rethinking those student loans right about now. Yeesh.

In order to not be painfully pessimistic and frighten all of the incoming-Senior readers out there, I want to present you all with a list: Kelly’s Top Ten Activities for the Unemployed Post Grad! These are things to help you pass the time while you transition from student to professional. A mix of frivolity and practicality, there should be something in here for everyone, and I have personally practiced each of the ten items, with varying amounts of success.

Kelly practicing #1 on her list

Kelly’s Top Ten Activities for the Unemployed Post Grad

1. Ride a rollercoaster – nothing can make you forget about unemployment like a 255-foot drop!

2. Search for a job – you don’t wait to be unemployed forever, do you?

3. Read – I’ve started on Christopher Moore’s books (I’m three novels in, currently reading Bite Me: A Love Story) – I highly recommend him, and many of his novels are set in San Francisco, where he lives.

4. Clean – you’ve probably been meaning to do it anyway, and do you really have an excuse not to?

5. Troll graduation parties – many have free food and drinks, so grad parties are a good way to both celebrate and cut costs!

6. Beef up your LinkedIn account – ask for recommendations, because it can’t hurt to have a completed LinkedIn account during a job search, can it?

7. Catch up with friends from high school – chances are that many of them have moved back home and may also be looking for work. Form a support group or something.

8. Learn a new language – en este día y edad, ser bilingüe no puede hacer daño, a la derecha? (I’m still learning, pardonnez-moi if my Spanish is off)

9. Make your NetFlix account count – catch up on those shows and movies you’ve been meaning to watch but couldn’t find the time for during finals.

10. Write a blog entry for Speaking Of… – come on, all the cool kids are doing it.”

Thanks, Kelly! I couldn’t agree more (especially with #10). FYI: Kelly is one of our excellent students, and I don’t think she will be an unemployed graduate for long!