94 Days of Summer, Day 69: Kelly's Day at the OC Fair

We’re continuing our week of “94 Days of Summer” blogs by featuring recent grad Kelly Sander’s. Here we go…

“To describe myself succinctly, I am a recent USF graduate with a degree in Communication Studies, with minors in Public Relations and Legal Studies. I am living in the Los Angeles area, searching for full time employment in some sort of PR/marketing capacity, while doing some online marketing for my brother’s business (http://www.silverleafcs.com/) and some of his friends’ small businesses.

In lieu of any real, exciting updates, I bring you a pictorial review of a day at the Orange County Fair! The OC Fair, whose tagline this year is, fittingly, ‘Let’s Eat!’ is a pretty fun place to spend a day. There are farm animals, crazy rides, good people watching, mildly amusing entertainment options (some professional, and some not so much), and, as the tagline would imply, lots and lots and lots of food. So, in the wise words of Peter Pan, ‘Come on everybody! Here we go!’

My boyfriend, Glen, gestures lovingly toward the Pork Chop on a Stick stand. The OC Fair has virtually every kind of food on a stick you might want, including pizza on a stick (how that works, I’m not really sure).

My friend, Dayna, shows off another food on a stick – a giant corndog! We were surprised by their price ($10!) until we saw someone carry one away… it’s like three regular corndogs put together.

Just for the record, I didn’t purchase anything from this stand. But, in case you were wondering where you could find deep fried butter and chocolate covered corn dogs, the OC Fair is the place to get them!

The fair also hosts an “Ice Museum,” which featured some pretty cool ice sculptures. This one is an underwater scene with a giant shark.

A pig! I don’t really know how else to further explain this picture.

One of the many thrill rides that are a little above my terror threshold – but I bet the view from up there was amazing!

This ride is basically a giant crane where the seats rotate 180 degrees while the arm spins in a circle. It looked horrifying – you could hear the screams in the parking lot!

After my friends and I watched some baton twirling (which I didn’t realize people still performed), we stumbled upon a cowboy hat stand. See the next picture for our final purchases…

Kileigh, Dayna and I getting into the cowboy spirit by hanging out with a cow – because that’s how we roll.

A Bavarian cream funnel cake. You can’t go to a county fair without having a funnel cake!

After spending seven hours at the OC Fair, Glen and I were tired and decided to call it a day.

If you’re in the Los Angeles or Orange County area, I definitely recommend taking a trip to the fair. It’s great fun, and because they have a severe lack of seating, you actually walk a ton and work off many of those calories you consume eating delicious, greasy food. Plus, they have a cool amphitheatre with some really good acts playing nightly, and some fun, kitschy exhibits and smaller shows. And if you miss the OC Fair, the Los Angeles County Fair isn’t far off, because it’s not summer without a fair!”

Thanks, Kelly! Looks like a great day!



  1. Wow – Kelly – you passed up chocolate covered bacon? Too bad, that wasn’t also on a stick. Now I’m hungry… for bacon… mmmmm…..

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