94 Days of Summer, Day 75: Tess Blogs the Praises of the CSC!

We’re checking in for one last time with senior Communication Studies major Tess Parsons, who has been guest blogging for us this summer. Check out her excellent advice below:

“Here we are, less than a month away from the start of school.” Note: Tess has not gone crazy, and neither have you. Yes, school starts in less than a week. Tess sent me this post a few weeks ago. Don’t get confused. Back to Tess:  “For those of us graduating soon, the end of our time here at USF seems a little (or a lot) daunting.  Most of us at USF realized early on that a college degree meant a whole lot more to future employers than the standard high school diploma.  However, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the myth that being a college graduate means you automatically will get a great job straight after shaking hands with Father Privett at graduation.

This is not to say that students do not find jobs before or right after they graduate, but it is to say that it takes effort on the part of the student.  So where to start?

I am currently working up on the 5th floor of the University Center.  For those of you who haven’t checked out our cool, new digs, here’s an excuse to come up: Career Services Center is on the same floor!


Senior COMS major and Career Services Center user Tess

The folks up here at Career Services have dedicated their entire Center to helping students just like you and me, find internships, jobs, and even decide if grad school is the right move.  Here are some of their main services:

  • Drop-In Hours- everyday from 11-2, counselors and student staff can help you with a last minute resume check or give advice on future appointment needs
    • Super helpful and the quickest solution to your job search needs.
  • Career Assessment Meeting- conducted through in person appointment only, this meeting is in depth and can include career assessment tests, identification of job skills and interests, and even help planning a career path that best suits your job needs/major.
    • The best start for any student whose feeling a little lost with the whole ‘finding a job thing.’
  • Help students learn how to use DonsCareers- by learning how to utilize this job posting website, you can get started on your search.
  • Appointments for Interview Skill building- by building skills with the career counselors you can improve your chances of being a success during the interview process.

So let’s do a recap.  The Career Services Center is completely free for current USF students, and even students who have just graduated.  Career Services is your one stop shop for anything career related, including job search, career planning, and skill improvement.  Why wouldn’t you take full advantage of this service?

**Call 415.422.6216 TODAY to make an appointment with a counselor**”

Thanks, Tess, for the excellent advice! I second and third her recommendations to check out the Career Services Center. You can even follow them on twitter @USFcareer!



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