We're ba-a-ack!

Hello World! We’re back!

Did you miss us?

Did you?

Was your internet life lacking because the blog was on leave? Did you check back often hoping for a new post, wondering “when, oh when, will the blog be back?” Well, your wait has ended! The Communication Studies blog is back!

Our students, faculty, and alums are still up to great things, so I thought in my first post back I would give you a preview of some of the things you can look forward to seeing on the blog over the course of the semester. Here goes…

  • We have a new faculty member! You will meet him in the next post!
  • While I was gone, our Communication Studies faculty members were busy winning awards! No EGOTs yet, but almost just as impressive!
  • We just welcomed a group of new students to the major last week! And guess how many of them want to be guest bloggers for us about their first semester here?
  • Our internship class students will be contributing to the Internship Ideas category this semester. And they have some great internships!
  • Guess how many Communication Studies alums are now Communication Studies professors? You’ll meet them!
  • Our Communication Studies Game Day program is back this year! Stay tuned!
  • I can’t even keep up with all of our students and alums that need to be profiled, but I’m going to try. Oh yes, I am going to try.
  • And more! Much more.

So please come back to our blog! We have a lot of things planned for the department this year! As always, if you have any ideas for our blog, feel free to contact me.

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