Student Shout-Out: Congratulations to our Spring 2013 Graduates!

Today’s “Student Shout-Out” could go to no one else other than our COMMUNICATION STUDIES CLASS OF 2013 GRADUATES! A huge standing ovation, slow clap for our 57 students who graduated on May 18th! We are so proud of you! I wanted to offer congratulations on behalf of all of the Communication Studies faculty and share a few pictures from the event. But first, here are our graduates!

      • Elijio Arreguin (summa cum laude)
      • Erica Avey
      • Mia Barklind
      • Landon Boren
      • Christina Carefoot
      • Kelcee Clark
      • Megan Connor
      • Amy Constable
      • Azul Corajoria (cum laude)
      • Oliva Cunningham
      • Claire Curran
      • Kathleen de Lara
      • Melissa de los Reyes
      • Steven Haro
      • Brittany Dixon
      • Anthony Dotto-Mihelich (cum laude)
      • Megan Federspiel
      • Elizabeth Ferrari
      • Miguel Garcia
      • Gianni Grimaldi
      • Ashkon Hamidieh
      • Lydia Hecomovich (summa cum laude)
      • Jennifer Horowitz-Short
      • Adriana Jimenez
      • Stacey Johnston (summa cum laude)
      • Soraya Karimiyanha
      • Alica Kaufman (cum laude)
      • Elizabeth Kelly
      • Reo Kobaysahi
      • Kunaal Madhavan
      • Samantha Manus
      • Nickole Mariona
      • Emily McEnroe
      • Anne Mello
      • Alyssa Micciche (cum laude)
      • Taylor Morton (cum laude)
      • Sara Muyco
      • Michelle Nguyen
      • Hayley Niles (magna cum laude)
      • Marco Oliva
      • Alexa Pratt
      • Jared Ralys
      • Dionicio Ramirez
      • Jazmyn Robinson
      • Celine Roces (cum laude)
      • Chrissy Romero
      • Nicole Schrup
      • Mischa Shankerman (cum laude)
      • Erica Sierra
      • Carly Smith
      • Carly Snyder
      • Ally Spillane (cum laude)
      • Cait Steiner (summa cum laude)
      • Nikka Suleymanova (magna cum laude)
      • Katelyn Surprenant
      • MJ Troconis
      • Jordan VanDyne (cum laude)
      • Kate Vanhootegem
      • Selina Wong
      • Madeleine Zimmerman

Whew! We definitely had the most majors at our graduation, and maybe the most overall! As one high-profile USF employee put it (who wishes to remain anonymous because of her desire to appear impartial) “Communication Studies is the best major!” We agree, anonymous high-profile USF employee. We agree.

It was such a pleasure to meet the family and friends of our graduates! Although, as I was typing in all of those names, I am sad because there are so many of you that I wanted to congratulate in person but I wasn’t able to see! I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating your achievements!

Here are a few photos from your big day!


A faculty-eye view of graduation! You guys look so smart!

photo 1-42

A big thank you to our program assistant, Christine, who made our great sign and candy leis for all of our graduates! She is the best!

photo 2-41

Here’s Alica, Adriana, Azul, and Celine. Dons mustaches and glasses courtesy of program assistant extraordinaire, Christine.

photo 4-39

Graduates Chrissy, Alyssa, Taylor, and Mia! Oh, and some shorty in the middle.

photo 1-43

Here’s Olivia, Adriana, Celine, and Jared. Congratulations!

photo 4-40

Graduates Miguel, Ally, Celine, and MJ!

We hope you have fond memories of your time in the Communication Studies Department at USF! Please do keep in touch with us!


Communication Studies Fondue #1

An idea for a new blog post came from a recent Communication Studies Department faculty meeting. Our current chair, the Honorable Professor Ho, asked us “Does anyone have any good news to share?” Everyone there instead heard “Does anyone have any fondues to share?” Not only did many of us (okay, maybe just me) get hungry thinking about fondue (is there something wrong with me that as I am typing this it is 85 degrees outside and I still think a warm, gooey, cheese fondue sounds good?) but a new blog post category was born!

I thought it would be fun to share good news from the Communication Studies Department, including faculty, staff, students, and alums. Of course, it must forever be known as “Fondue!” So here is our first entry of good news from the Communication Studies Department:

Professor Joe Sery recently published a chapter in the book Venomous Speech. Given my intense fear of snakes, I almost stopped listening after hearing the word “venomous.” Glad I didn’t, though, as Professor Sery’s chapter is called “Reframing Dissent: The Pittsburg G20 and the Growing Challenges for Protest.” He has assured me that it has nothing to do with snakes.

Professor Marco Jacquemet should now be referred to as “Full Professor Jacquemet” as he was granted promotion to the highest rank of professor-dom this year! A huge congratulations to Full Professor Jacquemet!

Professor Evelyn Ho won (along with Professor EJ Jung in the Computer Science Department) a USF Faculty Team Innovation Award for their project “CRISP: Communicating Risk on Internet Security and Privacy.” The project will be part of the fall COMS 366: Ethnography of Communication class.

Student Kelcee Clark, ’13 won the “Best Undergraduate Poster Award” at this year’s Creative Activity and Research Day hosted by the USF College of Arts & Sciences for her poster “Adoption Messages Communicated Intergenerationally” that she wrote for Professor Thorson’s COMS 306: Family Communication class.

Student Victor Valle, ’15 won an Excellence in Leadership and Service Award for his work as Co-Director of WORD! Poetry Club and an organizer for the Lyricist Lounge. Oh yeah, and he also founded We Move Against the Tides, a website that covers local SF artists.  

Student Carly Smith, ’13 won a Leo T. McCarthy Public Service Award for her work as an Advocate for Community Engagement for the Leo T. McCarthy Center for Public Service and the Common Good. She is the on-site partner for the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship and Project Open Hand.

Alum Maura Kelly, ’09 is graduating this May with a Master of Arts in Film and Television Producing from Chapman University. We must now refer to her as “Maura Kelly, M.A.”

Alum Maddy Bohannon, ’10 was recently accepted to the Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology program here at USF where she will focus on School Counseling. That’s right, Maddy realized she could not stay away from USF and is back to continue her education!

A big congratulations to all of the above! We are so proud!

If you are a current student or alum who has some good news to share, please contact me at edoohan@usfca.edu so that I can feature it in an upcoming Fondue! For example, did you recently get a job or change jobs? Get a promotion? Get into grad school? Get married? Have a child? Travel the world? Climb Mt. Everest? Figure out a way to solve global warming? Are starring in the next blockbuster movie? Complete a marathon? Get elected to public office? Any of these would be excellent fondues! My idea is that the good news need not be solely academic or professional, although those are, of course, welcome! But also feel free to share other personal life accomplishments.

Here’s to the accomplishments of our department members, present and past!